Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review for Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather L. Reid

I'm kind of back and forth on Pretty Dark Nothing. I liked the concept. I also liked the writing. I didn't like the main character, Quinn. She was so weak, and wishy washy. I get she has something after her, but come on! A lot of what she did it was her doing it, no matter the demons in her head. Jerking around Aaron, going back and forth. Not being honest with herself, not asking for help. People kept trying to be there for her and she just freaks out. Crying and pitying herself, crying over some ex-boyfriend who cheated on her, and tells her he doesn't want her. It's hard for me to enjoy a book where the main character makes you cringe with her actions. I'm not sure if this will be a series or not, with how it ended I would think it would be. If not then all this book does is piss someone off. If there is a next book, I need to see some growth in Quinn, and how about telling the truth. If I were Aaron, I'd be pissed off. I liked some of the other characters, I liked Aaron, he kept trying to help, and Quinn's best friend was always there for her. Quinn doesn't deserve either one of them, she needs to grow up. I guess I'll read the next one just to see what happens. Hopefully Quinn stops being so weak, and gets some strength, or I'm washing my hands with it.

Review with Spoilers for True by Erin McCarthy

When the book started I wasn't in love with it, how her and Tyler met, I just didn't enjoy. Example: Tyler said he was interested in Rory from when he first saw her, but then he proceeds to have meaningless sex with her roommate/friend, while Rory is in the next room! I found that to be distasteful. The further the story went I grew to like it. I liked that they didn't have Tyler found in compromising situations with other women, and every women didn't throw themselves at him. I liked that Rory, for the most part stood up for herself, and didn't withhold her feelings. Once Rory and Tyler were together, I liked Tyler, and his feelings for Rory. All in all I liked the book, and will read future books in this series. I saw Jessica is having a story next, and I look forward to it. I didn't really care for her, so hoping her story changes my mind. I always enjoy Erin McCarthy's books and will continue to read her books.

Review for School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins

Quick, light-hearted, fast read, light on the romance. I really liked Rachel Hawkins Hex Hall series, and I enjoyed School Spirits almost as much. I didn't quite connect with the characters as much as I did in Hex Hall, but I liked Izzy's strength. I liked her and Torin's relationship. I didn't care much for her mother. I liked that when she went to school, there wasn't a popular mean girl, it was nice for a change. I'm not quite on board with Dex, but hopefully his character builds in future books in the series. Romy was nice, and I liked that she's not the loud obnoxious sidekick. I look forward to reading more in this series, see what happens with Izzy's sister, and the building of the characters.