Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review with Spoilers for True by Erin McCarthy

When the book started I wasn't in love with it, how her and Tyler met, I just didn't enjoy. Example: Tyler said he was interested in Rory from when he first saw her, but then he proceeds to have meaningless sex with her roommate/friend, while Rory is in the next room! I found that to be distasteful. The further the story went I grew to like it. I liked that they didn't have Tyler found in compromising situations with other women, and every women didn't throw themselves at him. I liked that Rory, for the most part stood up for herself, and didn't withhold her feelings. Once Rory and Tyler were together, I liked Tyler, and his feelings for Rory. All in all I liked the book, and will read future books in this series. I saw Jessica is having a story next, and I look forward to it. I didn't really care for her, so hoping her story changes my mind. I always enjoy Erin McCarthy's books and will continue to read her books.

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