Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review for Claimed by Stacey Kennedy Slight Spoilers

I'm not usually a huge fan of BDSM, but I enjoyed Claimed by Stacey Kennedy. It is heavy on the BDSM aspect, so don't go in expecting light sexual situations. It had just the right amount for me. I do have some hesitations about the next book in the series though. My hesitations come from some of the other characters being more hardcore then the main characters in this book. If they are the next main characters it may get to be too much. The reason for that is I don't enjoy multiple partner sex scenes or sleeping with multiple people in a book, but that's just my preference. Other readers may enjoy those type of scenes. I'm willing to give it a try though, since I enjoyed this book. All in all it was a good BDSM book, it was kind of like a rule book for BDSM.

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