Friday, December 27, 2013

Review for The Fireside Inn by Lily Everett

Cute and sweet. I would've liked a little more into the characters, but I get it's a novella, so I'll let some of that slide. There were sweet scenarios and they helped the story have some warmth. Leo was a bit stiff, but I still liked him.  I look forward to the next novellas in this series, and I will also look into other series by Lily Everett; especially since I got a little glimpse of Miles' story; it got me curious.

Review for Before We Fall by Courtney Cole

I liked it okay. I didn't quite like the main characters; they weren't my type of people.  I haven't read any of the other books in this series, so I don't have a biased opinion on Jacey, but from what I understand she wasn't that great of a person. The Premise for the 2nd book, If You Leave, sounds interesting, and I'll read the 1st book also since it seems to have characters that tie together, but I won't read Until We Burn, Dom's before story because I had enough of his debauched life in this book. I think I'm just over the whole cold manwhore persona in books. Also the thing with Emma at the end was not to my liking. Jacey grew on me a bit as the book went on. So in the end it was an okay read.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review for Before (.5 of the Betwixt series) by Melissa Pearl

I haven't read Betwixt yet, so reading this I didn't have any frame of reference for the character Dale.  This does make me want to read Betwixt though, and it's good to get an idea where Dale is coming from.  This is definitely a rock bottom story, there's lots of teenage angst happening.  Glad I read it though because I like the premise for Betwixt, and this will help me understand the characters. Fast read.

Review for His to Possess (All books in the series) by Opal Carew

It's very sexy and it's a quick read. I was going to give it 4 stars, until the last book in the series, so I ended up dropping it a star down. Some of the stuff that happened wasn't to my liking. Also I don't plan to read the next series that features 2 people from this story that I don't like together. I found I didn't connect with one of them in this series and I'm going to bow out of their series. This series was good though and I liked the alpha male role and it was definitely steamy! I'll check other books by this author, since the writing was pretty good; the dialog could use a little work, but I get this is mainly a sex book. All in all it's good, and if you want some steamy sex scenes, give it a read.

Review His to Possess (only part 1 The Seduction) by Opal Carew

Very sexy! This is a great start to a hot story! Love the alpha maleness!  I plan on reading the rest of the series! I like that it's short and gets right to the meat of the story. Reading the other books is a must since it ends in a cliffhanger. So far so good

Monday, December 23, 2013

review for Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas by Sugar Jamison

I thought this book was sweet.  I haven't read the first in the series, so I didn't see how Dina was before this book. I liked her alright, and Ben was a good guy. I liked the writing, so I will read Dangerous Curves, and the next in the series, Thrown for a Curve. I like books that take place during Christmas and I thought the characters had good chemistry. I like the premise for the first book in the series, and look forward to reading that. All in all this book was a cute, quick story, and it opened me up to the other books in the series. I look forward to it.

review for Window by Michele Renae

I loved it! It was super sexy! I read through the whole thing in no time; I could feel the anticipation all the way through. It was had really sweet moments and I hope all works out for the characters. It's a shame the next book is so far away! I see where the next book is going and I know it's not going to be resolved, so I need the 3rd in the series ASAP as well! I hope the main female character gets over some of her hang ups and can grow into a more confident woman, and go after what she clearly wants.

Review for The Gate by KT Grant

I liked it, but it's not really my thing. This book was definitely an extreme look at the S & M lifestyle.  This book goes into sex with pain, and an extreme master relationship; which basically has a master  just badgering his woman until she gives in. I found It disappointing. I also found some of the lead females actions horrible; without giving anything away, her taking any of the blame for a situation towards the end of the book is ridiculous! An S&M book shouldn't be about having weak individuals; if you are feeling bad about it afterwards and you didn't have the strength to say what you want; then you shouldn't be in an S&M relationship! That being said, I liked the parts in between the sex parts, so that redeemed it a bit for me. In the upcoming books in the series I would like to see the female characters grow and find their strength.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Review for Pendulum by Ciara Knight

I thought Pendulum was terrific! I haven't read the first book, Escapement, but I plan to read it as soon as I can! This book is very interesting, and kept me reading straight through to the end in no time.  I like aspect with how different peoples powers work, and I like the futuristic, under the sea habitat; it brought interesting elements to the story.  I like that the characters didn't act like dumb teenagers, and made smart decisions.  I look forward to the next books in the series; wish I didn't have to wait so long though!  I'll look into more from the author, Ciara Knight. Very good book!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review for The Echoes of Love by Hannah Fielding

This book was really sweet and heartfelt. I was getting a little frustrated with Venetia, but I get where she was coming from. The Echoes of Love setting was interesting and added to the romance of the book. I guessed what the situation was from the beginning, but I still enjoyed getting to the finale.  There are a couple things I would have liked to be a little different; I would of liked the ending not to have been so abrupt. It would have been nice to go more into what happened to the main characters.  Also, I think the Allegra situation needed to be dealt with better.  I still really liked this book though; I found it to be very sweet and romantic; a great story!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review for Sweet Revenge by Rebecca Zanetti

I loved this! The romance was great; as were the love scenes! All the action and the mystery kept the book interesting, and I couldn't put it down! I read it very quickly and Sweet Revenge kept me entertained.  I liked both main characters, and the side characters.  I haven't read the first book and I plan to remedy that ASAP; I'm really looking forward to reading Forgotten Sins and the next in the series Blind Faith; I wish it was coming out sooner!  Lots of sexy adventure and sweet romance; it's a definite read for me!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Review for Defy by Sara B. Larson

I loved this book, and I wish the next book wasn't a year away! It's nice to see a strong heroine, and I hope she continues to be strong without falling into thinking she's not good enough.  I know who I want Alexa to be with, and I hope that she will see the light and go in that direction.  I'm looking forward to Alexa's adventures in the next book! I read this book very quickly because I couldn't put it down! Defy has lots of heart and adventure, and I will definitely read the next book and other books by Sara B. Larson.
Super great book!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Review for Ghost Light by E.J. Stevens

This series is really getting super great! I love all the different types of Faeries! It's fun to go into all the Faerie types, and not just the typical faeries. I read this in no time; the story was fast paced and interesting, and kept me intrigued. Ivy is an awesome heroine, and her strength really shines through. All of the characters are interesting, and they were so entertaining! I look forward to the next books in the series, and I'm excited to see where Ivy's adventures take her!

Review for Turned by Virna DePaul

I really enjoyed this book! I liked the strength of the characters, and I really look forward to more books in this series! It was interesting having a secret FBI unit mixing with vampires. I thought Ty was great, and it was nice to see his strength and his vulnerability. I liked Ana, and it was good to see her grow more comfortable with herself. The whole gang aspect I could've done without, but I could see why it may have been needed. I like the way this story ended, and that some of the characters for the next books in the series were introduced; I look forward to their stories. Great start to a new great series!

Review for A Christmas to Remember-Short stories by Jill Shalvis, Hope Ramsay, Molly Cannon, Kristen Ashley, and Marilyn Pappano

I really enjoyed this! I mainly wanted to read this because I love Jill Shalvis and Hope Ramsay, so I thought I'd enjoy this book. I really liked all the stories, and even found a new author I'm going to start reading, Molly Cannon!  I felt having Kristen Ashley in the mix was a little odd due to the content of her series ( I've actually stopped reading motorcycle club type books, they are just not my thing), but I didn't mind her short story since it didn't go into the motorcycle club aspects. The stories I really loved were by Shalvis, Ramsay, and Cannon!  Ashley's was okay and Pappano's was okay as well. I enjoy Christmas romance books, so this was a great read!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review for Switched by Cassie Mae

What a quick, cute read! This review has slight spoilers, but not really.    

  The plot was fun, and I'm glad it didn't get into a dark place; where the characters couldn't come back from. That would have been awkward!  I liked all the characters, but I did feel the girls friendship wasn't quite equal.  I liked Kayla as the narrator; I thought she was a fun, interesting girl, and I was definitely pulling for her. I'm glad it turned out the way it did, and I felt the emotions the characters were feeling. The only thing i found a little odd was some of the reactions, but to each their own.   Also it was nice to see some boys with out super macho, he-man attitude! Nice guys are great too! Definitely read Switched if you want a lighthearted, fun read!