Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review for On the Naughty List by Lori Foster, Carly Phillips, Beth Ciotta, Sugar Jamison ( 5 out 5 must reads)

Absolutely loved these stories! I'm a fan of Christmas books and Romance, so these short stories were right up my alley.  One thing I love about short stories is that a lot of the BS is cut out of the stories, so you can focus on the main objective, and I think these short stories were excellent.  I loved all the stories, but my favorite one was the one by Lori Foster, and I will definitely look for more from Foster.  I also really enjoyed Carly Phillips story; I've read lots of Carly Phillips and I always love her books.  I haven't read any Beth Ciotta books, but her short story was really terrific, and I will definitely look into more from her.  I had previously read Sugar Jamison's story, and although I didn't completely love the story; it did open me up to the series the short story sprouted from and I really enjoy those books.  All the stories were really heart felt and quick reads, with a pinch of Christmas cheer.  Definitely a great read!

Review for Freed by Stacey Kennedy ( 4 out of 5 must reads)

I really liked this installment in the Club Sin series!  I liked that it took place away from a club, and seemed to go more into the characters lives than previous installments in this series.  At first Elliott came off as a bit creepy to me, but he grew on me as his story unfolded further into the story, and I ended up really liking him.  I'm glad he gave Mary chances to realize what she wanted, but I think he gave in a bit too much to her; I wanted Mary to take the big leap; I was beginning to feel bad for Elliot and I'm glad he got a back bone.  I liked the flashbacks to Mary's previous relationship; mainly the later flashbacks, it was nice to see a different side to Mary.  Elliott and Mary being an older couple was an interesting view to read about, and the lack of games between the couple added to my enjoyment of the story.  It was good to read about characters who already knew the lifestyle and what they each wanted out of that lifestyle.  Freed was very good addition to this series, and I would say it's in the top 2 for me in this series.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review for Draw Me In by Regina Cole ( 4 out of 5 stars)

This was pretty good.  I thought Hailey and Neill were good together, and I like the setting of the tattoo shop, but some of Neill's actions were a bit alarming; I don't want to spoil anything, so I won't go into it, but when Neill did these things, I would have liked more development into the resolution of these problems.  Also, some of the language choices were too stereotypical, some of the terms Hailey used seemed odd for her to say, and they took me away from the story..  There was a mystery element that I was glad for because not too much happens in this book; it's mainly about Hailey and Neill figuring out what they are to each other.  There's also a whole crazy ex storyline, and I was a mixture of happy and not happy that it didn't play more into the story; I think it would have added another layer to the story, but the character of the ex would have really annoyed me.  I also would have liked more depth to the characters, but as a fan of NA novels I still really enjoyed this book.  It kept me interested till the end, and I would like to read more books with these characters, so I'm hoping there will be more books.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review for Just a Little Crush by Renita Pizzitola ( 5 out of 5 stars)

I loved this! The story was really sweet, and although I am tired of the whole man whore scenario, I still really enjoyed this; since it wasn't really a huge part of the story.  I also am over the whole slutty roommate thing, but that also ended up not really be a problem. I really .loved Ryder and Brinley; I thought they were really good for each other, and Ryder is such a sweetheart.  How they get together was cute, and I like how there wasn't really any games they played with each other; they both were pretty honest with each other, and I'm glad they worked together too make it work.  I liked the side stories with their families; I could of even had a bit more of the side story, so we could get a deeper insight, but I still really enjoyed this book.  I read this book in no time; it kept me interested and kept me reading! I look forward to the next books in this series; I hope there will be more of Brinley and Ryder, and I see lots of growth for the side characters that would make some really interesting stories!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Once Perfect by Cecy Robson ( 4 out of 5 stars)

I enjoyed this book a lot! I liked both of the main characters, and I felt they were complete characters, and not just stock characters.  I liked how they met and the nightclub scenes, and I happen to enjoy books that have MMA type storylines, so those scenes were interesting to me and added to my enjoyment of Evie and Mateo's story.  I liked how Mateo was a sweetheart, and he still maintained his alpha maleness.  I did think it was a bit weird how long it took for Evie to understand her situation because I felt like she should have known what was going on; there were a lot of clues, and especially since she's a nursing student.  I look forward to the next books in the series, and I hope there will be more of Evie and Mateo's story.

Review for Stitching Snow by R.C Lewis (5 out of 5 stars)

Oooh I loved this!  I really enjoyed the mix of fairy tale with the mechanical, futuristic elements; it was fun to have the dwarfs as robots!  I really liked how this book opened; I really liked Essie's characteristics, and I liked how Essie and Dane meet.  It was good that even though it is similar to the story Snow White; it still has plenty of differences to stand out as different, and I for one enjoyed the differences.  This doesn't seem to be a series, but I definitely would enjoy another book with these characters.  Great read!

Review for The Night Visitor by Dianne Emley (3 out 5 stars)

I liked this book, but it was fairly depressing, so it didn't quite click with me.  I enjoyed the writing, but I didn't like all the different character perspectives; it made it hard to connect with any of the characters.  I liked the story, but like I said, it was pretty depressing, and it goes to a dark place.  I kind of had an inkling about the secrets, but I was still shocked at some points, and how the author chose to write them; it's just a sad story.  I didn't really like the posh attitude of the characters, and they felt sort of artificial to me.  The suspense was interesting, and it was interesting to read the story as it unfolded.  I think it's a good read, and all in all I enjoyed it.

Review for Control by Laura Marie Altom ( 3 out of 5 stars)

I liked this book, but I didn't love it. I like both of the main characters together, but I didn't like the situation they were in.  I didn't like Liam's initial way of trying to be with Ella, and it took me awhile to get into the story because of it, and then the story felt really rushed at the end.  What did save this book for me was that Liam wasn't man-whoring around; although there was mention of how he could get any woman, and I hate when books say that because the women in the book usually are pathetic when it comes to the main male character, and I know there are some women out there who would do anything for some hot guy with money, but sometimes or rather all the time it's ridiculous.  There was some mention of Liam's ways with women, and I was glad it was just said, and not really brought into the story.  I also didn't like the side characters; the people the main character calls her friends are not very good friends, so I just didn't like them, and I wanted her to drop them, but she was kind of weak.  I'm hoping in the next book Ella grows more of a back bone, and Liam stops running hot and cold; now that I think about it Ella needs to stop that to.  I will read the next book in the series, and since it won't have the same main issue as this first book I'm hoping I'll like it better because I do have high hopes for Ella and Liam as  a couple.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review for You by Caroline Kepnes (3 out of 5 stars)

Okay...this is a tough one.  I liked the book, and I thought the writing was pretty good, but it's an off putting book.  It's a really dark subject, and I think it's a good thing I didn't like any of the characters; I felt separated from them and I didn't really care for them, so some of the things happening to them really didn't have the full impact it would of had if I had cared more.  I suppose that may be a bad thing because it didn't really draw me into the story.  I think the book is a bit long; I was getting tired of it after awhile, and I was disappointed with the end.  The author did an excellent job of showing the reader the inside of the main character's head.  The story is creepy and haunting and I think the author did a good job of portraying the oddness of the story.  That's why I think I mainly liked the story.  I just wish the ending was different, and the characters were a bit more redeemable, but alas that was not the case.  I also want to give a bit of a warning; this book does get a bit graphic, and the wording is intense.  The book is a bit depressing, but if you like darkly weird stories; this is a good book for you.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review for Desired by Stacey Kennedy (3 out of 5 stars)

This is a good book, but the reason I only gave it 3 stars is more because I think I'm over BDSM stories, but the story and sex scenes are still good.  I don't really enjoy BDSM in a club setting; I like stories that have private kink.  Big group sex scenes just don't do it for me, and this book is all about the club and spectators.  I also felt like it was a bit creepy at the beginning.  I do think most readers who like BDSM will enjoy this book and the series as a whole, and I really liked the side story.  I do wish there was a bit more story; there was way more BDSM stuff than actual story, and I found it to be a bit much.  I get it's a BDSM book, but I don't only want to read about BDSM; this books goes through the "rules" quite thoroughly, and if my memory is correct the other books in the series tend to do the same thing.  So, although I didn't quite love this story; I think plenty of readers will; readers that enjoy BDSM and lots of sex talk.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Review for Shatter by Erin McCarthy (3 out of 5 stars)

I really love this series, but I didn't love this one as much as I love the other books in the series.  It's not because it's not good writing, or the characters are bad, but I just don't really enjoy books about accidental pregnancies. That's the main reason I didn't connect with this book, and although it was dealt with nicely in this book; I still don't enjoy the topic.  I really like that there are glimpses of the previous characters from the earlier books in the series, and still really like McCarthy's writing.  I'm sure there will be plenty of readers who don't mind the storyline because the book is still a good one.  I really liked Jon and Kylie, and they were really good together; very sweet.  I would recommend to anyone who would like to read this book, to definitely read the previous books in the series.  The series as a whole is really good, and I love McCarthy's books!

Hideaway Cove by Anna Sullivan (5 out of 5 stars)

I love this series! I think I liked the first book a bit more, but I still really liked this one.  The only thing I don't like is how stubborn people are, but I get that is needed to cause the issues in the story.  I enjoy the mystery aspect, and I really like that the characters from the first book are in this book as well.  It does start off a bit slowly, but once it gets to some of the main plots it starts to pick up.  I liked Holden and all his southern charm, and I think he is really good with Jessi.  Definitely read the first book in the series before you read this one; since it's a continuation of the first book, but with different main characters.  The romance is sweet, and it's kind of surprising how far the author goes in the end.  It's definitely a good series, and keeps entertained till the very end!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review for Dark Paradise by Angie Sandro (5 out of 5 stars)

This was really good! After I finished I bought the next 2 books right away because I didn't want to wait to find out what happens.  I love the setting; the grittiness of being in the bayou was written excellently, and it really brought me; as the reader, into the story.  I really liked the characters too; they weren't stock characters and they had personality to them.  I was a bit pissed at how Mala was starting to act towards the end, but it didn't deter from my enjoyment of the story.  The storyline was lots of fun, and kept me interested all the way till the end.  I finished it in no time, and I couldn't put it down!  I loved the mystery and supernatural elements; they really made the story intriguing.  I will say one thing; I'm really tired of man sluts, but I really enjoyed the story, so I will put up with it if I have to.  Great start to what I hope will be a fabulous series!

Review for The Millionaire Affair by Jessica Lemmon (3 out of 5 stars)

hmmm...This just didn't really click with me.  I have to go a bit spoiler, so stop reading now if you don't want to know some of what goes on. I think this didn't click with me because I'm really tired of the whole lets have sex with no strings of course and everything will be fine.  I'm pretty much over that whole storyline, and as I was reading this I found myself wanting to skip over a lot of it.  And the storyline later just didn't do it for me.  I went with 3 stars because I still liked the characters and I did enjoy the previous book in the series, so I will continue to read the next books in the series. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review for Broken by Lauren Layne (5 out of 5 stars)

I really liked this book! This is the first book in this series I've read, but I'm definitely going to read the first in the series and any of the future books.  I liked both of the characters and I think they both have a lot of heart, and they were really great for each other.  I like the premise for the story, and the way it played out.  I did hope for more for the ending, but I still enjoyed it.  It was a very quick read for me and it kept me interested till the end. I also like that even though Paul was tortured; he wasn't a man slut, it's really nice for a change; I get really sick of those type of guys in books, so Broken was a very good change.  I like the writing style, so I'm definitely excited for the next in the series!

Review for Inn at Last Chance by Hope Ramsay (3 out of 5 stars)

I really liked the beginning of this book, but then it became a different kind of in a sort of sudden fashion, so that through me and took me out of the story.  The problem I had is somewhat of a spoiler, but I feel it needs to be mentioned so be forewarned that I am going to write about a slight spoiler, so stop reading now if you do not want that.  Ok, so I actually really enjoy Jane Eyre, and at first I wasn't minding some of the references, but then it just became too much and it really took me out of the story.  I was so enjoying the mystery and the spooky aspect of the story. I didn't, however, enjoy some of Gabe's actions to deter Jenny, but I was still interested in the story.  I liked the romance; what little of it there was, and I liked Gabe and Jenny together; I thought they were sweet and she was good for him.  I just really wish the ending wasn't mainly Jane Eyre; it really came out of left field for me.  I also wanted Gabe to actually show Jenny he really wanted her; instead of just always giving up; he should have gone after her in the end.  With that being said I still enjoyed this book and I like some of the other books in this series, and I sometimes find Ramsay's writing a bit tame, but I still enjoy the stories, so I will continue to read other books by Ramsay.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review for No In Between by Lisa Renee Jones (3 out of 5 stars)

I didn't love this one as much as I loved the other books in the series so far.  Nothing really happens in this book, and Sara was starting to annoy me.  Her obsession with Rebecca is becoming old; I think there was even a time when she was being intimate that she's thinking about her, I don't know it's just starting to get to me.  Plus I didn't really enjoy the sex scenes; they felt forced, and non genuine.  I really like Chris and Sara together, but I want them to make greater leaps, and it's just not happening enough for me.  Plus some of the things Sara does get on my nerves, and a lot of the side characters bother me.  A lot of the characters, including some main characters,  just seemed weak and they made a lot of stupid decisions.  With that being said, I still enjoy the mystery and it's my hope that it will be resolved soon, and the characters continue to grow; including Mark.  I also want Sara to realize she doesn't know it all, and to stop getting involved in other people's business and tell them how they feel.  I will read the next book in the series though because I have high hopes for the next book, and I have loved the previous books.  This book felt like filler to me, so I expect the next to be terrific.  I still recommend this series.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Review for Truly by Ruthie Knox (5 out of 5 Stars)

I loved it!  The story felt complete to me, and I loved the characters.  May and Ben are excellent, and I really enjoyed how real they felt.  They weren't stock characters; they had lots of heart, and I could feel the depth of their emotions as I read.  The flow of the story was great, and the different places the story takes the characters help show the different depths of the characters.  The romance between May and Ben felt real; I could see them together, and I think they are both really good for each other.  I liked the simple-ness of the story; there's not a whole bunch of outside factors working against them; what they need to work on is themselves, and I think that approach is refreshing.  People just being honest with each other.  I will definitely read the next book in the series about May's sister Allie; I hope there will be glimpses of May and Ben in it; actually I hope there will be more than glimpses!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review for Blind Faith by Rebecca Zanetti (5 out of 5 stars)

I love this series! I've given the previous 2 books in this series 5 stars as well.  I like that they books are connected, and the story continues on through all the books, but for each book a different brother is the focal point.  What I like about these books is definitely the main story line that goes through all the books.  The brothers were created in a lab, and were trained to become super soldiers, but they were also tortured, so now that they've escaped they want revenge.  I also enjoy the romance between each of the brothers and their respective women.  All of the brothers are wonderful and so are their women.  I like the action of these books, and these books have lots of  heart.  I will definitely read the next book in the series; I'm really excited for Jory's book, and I hope those evil people get what's coming to them.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Review for My Hunger by Lisa Renee Jones (4 out of 5 stars)

I liked the glimpse into Mark's life; it shows a more human side to him.  I also like Crystal so far, and I think she's good for him.  This is a very quick read, which makes sense since it's a short story, and there is a hint of things to come in the next books.  I look forward to reading the next book, and getting to know Mark and Crystal a bit more, and definitely read more about Sara and Chris!  I love this series because it has that spicy element and that sense of mystery.  My Hunger is a good addition to the series.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review for The Broken by Shelley Coriell (4 out of 5 stars)

I really liked this!  It had a great story, and it flowed smoothly.  I never felt bored, and my interest was kept through the whole book.  I enjoyed the suspense of the book, and the book felt really complete to me.  I liked both of the main characters, and I thought they both had great strength; I did feel a little weird with some of Hayden's past.  I think Hayden and Kate has excellent chemistry, and it definitely helped in my enjoyment of the story.  The serial killer story line was interesting, and I liked the mystery; it kept the story intriguing.  I will definitely look into more books by Shelley Coriell!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review for Love's Paradox by Laura Kreitzer (4 out of 5 stars)

I really liked this!  I thought the characters were great! They were funny, and sweet, and very enjoyable to read about.  I thought Parker was excellent, and I liked Rae; even though she made some not so smart decisions, but I still liked her a lot.  The story just flew by and it kept me entertained the whole time!  I liked Hunter also, and I look forward to reading a book about him; it seemed to me that could be a possibility.  Parker and Rae had excellent chemistry, and I loved reading their moments together; they were so sweet together and it's nice that the story had light hearted moments when the subject matter was of a serious nature.  I like that there weren't a bunch of games played; for the most part everyone is honest with each other, and it's nice not to have all these misconceptions and secrets causing un-needed and avoidable problems. One thing I didn't really care for was how things ended with the problem of the story, but I didn't let that bring down what I liked about the story, and I'll definitely read more books written by Laura Kreitzer! Great read!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Review for John Dreamer by Elise Celine (4 out of 5 stars)

I loved it! From the beginning to the end.  I love how it started; right from the beginning there was mystery, and it grabbed my interest right away.  I liked how the author got right into the story, although a bit more character development would have been nice, but I suppose not knowing added to the mystery. John Dreamer was very fast paced for me and I read it in no time.  I can't wait for the next book! I'm really looking forward to it, and with that bit of a cliffhanger, I hope it comes out very soon!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Review for Lingering Echoes by Erica Kiefer (4 out of 5 stars)

This was a pretty good book, and I liked the story and how it was laid out.  I do wish that the characters had a bit more oomph to them; they felt a little flat, but I still enjoyed reading about them.  I found it a bit difficult to like Allie, but I just kept in mind that she is suffering, and that helped me feel for her.  I liked the side characters, and the dynamic between Aaron and Allie was interesting, and I thought Damien was a good character.  I wish a bit more time had taken place in the story, so the relationship between the main characters could develop at a more reasonable rate; I'm not usually turned off by insta-love, but in Lingering Echoes it felt a bit weird.  I also think the characters acted a bit too young for his or her age.  I also think the ending could of had a bit more to it.  For the most part though I enjoyed it; I liked the setting, and the story was engaging.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Midnight Side by Natasha Mostert (3 out of 5 stars)

I liked this book, but I didn't love it.  This is the 3rd book I've read from Mostert, and I enjoyed Windwalker more than this book, but I liked this book more than Season of the Witch.  Reading Mostert's books, I've come to realize I usually don't like her characters, so that has a big impact on my enjoyment of the story; I have a hard time pulling for someone I don't really like.  I enjoy the ideas for the stories, and for the most part I like the writing style of Mostert; sometimes the description can be lengthy for things that aren't really relevant to the story.  I liked the intrigue of "The Midnight Side", so that kept me reading.  I wanted more from the ending; as I tend to with Mostert's books, and I would like smoother transitions between the present and the flashbacks in the book.  The world Mostert creates brings life to the story.  All in all this is an interesting read, and I can respect Mostert for having flawed characters.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Review for Windwalker by Natasha Mostert (4 out of 5 stars)

Windwalker kept me interested all the way to the end!  The author does tend to be a bit too descriptive, but I did enjoy all the description about the house, and I liked the flow of the story.  I was a bit frustrated with Justine; I didn't really like her seeming to not really care about much, and I believe she even calls herself selfish, but I was still rooting for her.  I thought Adam was excellent, but I would have liked the author to go more into his past; I think that would have been interesting to read about.  I really enjoyed this book; I do wish that there was more to the end, but I still really liked it.  Windwalker felt like a complete book to me; it didn't feel rushed.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review for Cracks in the Armor by Helena Hunting

Love this series! I like Chris and Sarah; not quite as much as Hayden and Tenley, but they are still good characters, and this was a nice addition to their story.  It was very short, and definitely leaving me waiting in anticipation for the next book! I don't like the scenes at The Dollhouse, but I doubt a reader is suppose to enjoy the skeezyness of that place.  I hope Sarah finds a way to get past that place.  I hope Chris and Sarah make their relationship work! A must read for fans of this series!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review for Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert (3 out of 5 stars)

I liked it okay, but it wasn't really my cup of tea.  I do think there will be readers who will enjoy it a lot more than I did because it does have a lot of interesting things about it.  The idea of the book was very interesting, and I liked the writing; although it was a bit too descriptive at times.  I really liked the remote viewing aspect; I think it added to the mystery of the book.  The main problem I had with this book was I didn't really like any of the characters, and I didn't like how some of the events unfolded.  I liked Frankie okay, but I felt like everyone was kind of weak; I like strength in a character.  Even the romance aspect didn't do it for me.  This book was interesting, and kept me reading, so that's a plus.  All in all I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review for Too Much by Lea Griffith (5 out 5 stars)

It was excellent! I loved it! I'm not that into BDSM much, but I did enjoy the sex scenes in "Too Much".  Daly and Jeremiah had tons of chemistry, and the depth of their feelings really shines through.  I loved both of them, and I was rooting for them from the beginning.  Jeremiah was very alpha; which I enjoyed, and Daly was still a strong character even though she allowed him to be dominant.  What really did it for me was their soul deep love for each other.  The bit of mystery was a great addition to the story, and I'm I really looking forward to further books in the series! Definitely want to hear Toby's story, and I want more of Jeremiah and Daly!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Review for Only with You by Lauren Layne 5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely loved it!  It was a fun, sassy romance, and I loved Sophie.  I loved the dynamic between Sophie and Gray; I felt that they had excellent chemistry, and it really came across to me as I was reading.  I was rooting for them from the beginning, and Sophie definitely is a perfect fit for Gray, and vice versa.  I enjoyed glimpses at Brynn's situation, and I am really looking forward to her book next, and I'm hoping that she lightens up a bit; I can't wait!  "Only with You" was so terrific!  There was such heart, and depth, and I'm so glad I found this series; it seems to be heading in a great direction. Loved it!

Review for Bared by Stacey Kennedy 3 out of 5 stars

After reading several BDSM books, I've come to realize that I do adore an alpha male, but I don't really care about BDSM, so with my brain heading away from the enjoyment of BDSM; although I do enjoy reading about some light, private BDSM, I found myself still enjoying this book.  I enjoyed both Aiden and Cora, and it definitely helps for a  reader to like the characters, and I thought they had excellent chemistry with each other.  I liked the scenes outside of the club more than the ones that take place in the club, but anyone who enjoys BDSM will find enjoyment in this novel; the BDSM was actually more towards the tamer side.  I did feel like the ending felt a bit rushed, and I didn't really like the backstory.  All in all, I enjoyed "Bared", and I think this series is a pretty good one.

Review for Live by Mary Ann River 4 out of 5 stars

I was surprised that "Live" was so sexual; when I first started it I thought it would be tame, but boy was I wrong.  There were many sex scenes, and I thought they all were well written, and I liked how the scenes really focused on the small things.  I really liked Destiny and Hefin, and I thought they had excellent chemistry.  I'm glad it was acknowledges that her siblings suck because they were getting on my nerves, but I see this is book 1 in the series, so I have hopes for them to get over themselves in their own books.  I thought Destiny and Hefin together was really sweet, and I was rooting for them to figure out their issues.  I do wish the ending had a bit more to it, but I still enjoyed this story, and I look forward to reading more books in this series.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review for The Long Road Home by Jenna Pizzi 3 out of 5 stars

It was decent.  I just really disliked how gullible Christina was, and how she just made decisions without taking any time to think about them.  No time passes before she's jumping into something she's not even sure about; it made me doubt her feelings a lot.  It was ridiculous.  I like the idea of this story, so that helped a lot, but I did find myself wanting to rush through sections to get to the meat of the story.  I thought the romance was sweet, and I'm glad there were some people who have some brains in this story.  Like I said, it was decent, and I liked it enough.  There's a lot of moments that pissed me off, but in the end I liked it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review for Elfin by Quinn Loftis

Absolutely loved it! When I started reading, I thought that Elfin may just be some fluff, but it was so much more than that.  Elfin goes much deeper than I thought it would.  I felt the characters had such depth, and they had many facets to them; they weren't flat.  Their personalities really shined.  I was really happy that there isn't a love triangle; there's a bit of insta-love, but insta-love doesn't bother me, so I like the whole soul mate aspect.  I loved that Cassie used her intelligence; for the most part, and she was willing to get all the facts before jumping to conclusions.  Trik was excellent, and he was such a strong character and so easy to feel for.  I thought Trik and Cassie had really great chemistry, and I wanted everything to work out for them, and reading about them and all the turmoil they have to face was really gripping.  Both of them have so much heart.  I'm glad there wasn't too much of the book that takes place in the high school setting; that's just not my cup of tea.  I enjoy the elf aspect; I've always enjoyed books that include the fae and all types of magical creatures, and this book actually didn't have much of the magical aspect, and I would have liked a bit more of that, but I still found the story very enjoyable.  I really look forward to the next book in the series, and I will look into any future books from Loftis. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review for The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

I really liked this story! One of the main reason I really liked "The Kiss of Deception" was Lia; she is an excellent character.  She's strong, intelligent, she's got spunk and she grows through out the book.  I hope in the next books of this series Pearson goes into Lia's special abilities more.  I think that will be a really interesting read.  I'm not big on love triangles and there is a bit of one in this book, and I suspect that it will advance further in the next books in the series, and I am definitely rooting for one over the other so far; the one who wasn't sent to kill her, but with a trilogy I know anything can happen.  I didn't like the bit of Stockholm syndrome going on.  I'm hoping it won't be too much back and forth with Lia's feelings.  I like the traveling to different areas and meeting the different types of people.  This book does go a bit slow at the beginning, but that didn't bother me because it helped build up the story.  I will say that I didn't like Lia's solution for Pauline's "problem"; you just know its going to be an issue later.  I loved the multiple points of view; it really helped add depth to the story.  I will definitely read the next books in the series!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review for Divided by Elsie Chapman

I'm really liking this series! I love the concept, and the world Chapman created.  Having a conflicted assassin adds depth and vulnerability to the story, and I enjoyed West's path to finding what works for her.  I don't have any issues with the amount of violence in this series, but here's a little warning to those who don't like YA novels with violence; there is indeed some tense situations in this series where the characters need to make difficult decisions.  I definitely look forward to the next book in the series, and I like the direction the story is going! This series is an excellent dystopian series!  If you love dystopian, this series makes for an interesting read.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review for Beloved Enemy by Lacy Yager

I really liked this edition to the Unholy Alliance series! Genevieve and Chad were both excellent! I love how Genevieve uses her intelligence to help fight against the creatures, and I thought Chad was a sweetheart; while still maintaining his strength.  I liked Chad and Genevieve as a couple; I think they both have attributes that help the other be a better person.  I like the world this series is set in; having many types of supernaturals together helps keep it interesting, and the action sequences are fun and exciting..  Beloved Enemy was a very quick read, and it kept me interested till the end!  I have read the 2 previous books in the series, and I loved both of them, so I will definitely continue to read anymore books in this series!  I hope there will be a book where all the characters get together for a big finale!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review for Inked Armor by Helena Hunting

This series is AMAZING! Love, Love, Love it! Hayden is absolutely terrific, and I felt for him when Tenley left him and reading how affected he was by her leaving tugged at the heart strings.  When I started the book, I wanted to rush through the beginning and hurry to the part where Tenley and Hayden were back together and it didn't disappoint.  Hayden and Tenley's relationship is so sweet, and their personalities make it easy to root for them.  By the way, Officer Cross is really horrible; I just wanted to throw that in there.  This book is super excellent, and I love Helena Hunting's writing! I look forward to any future books by Hunting.

Review for Cupcakes and Ink by Helena Hunting

I love this series! I have read the first full book in the series, Clipped Wings, and I loved that Cupcakes and Ink allowed a glimpse into Hayden and Tenley's feelings before they officially met.  Cupcakes and Ink was a very quick read, but for those readers who loved Clipped Wings, you will definitely enjoy Cupcakes and Ink.  I'm very excited for the second full book in the series, Inked Armor! By the way, Hayden and Tenley are so wonderful and genuine, it adds to my enjoyment of the story immensely.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Review for Shattered by Tracy Wolff

I liked this one a bit more than the first in the series, and I look forward to the next in the series. (Cam needs to wake up!) I liked Ash more than I liked Z, from the first book, so I think that added to my liking Shattered a bit more than Shredded, and I liked the story line more. Ash and Tansy were really sweet together, and I thought their personalities were a great fit for each other. Seeing the other characters was nice; I would have like a bit more of them involved, but since it was a pretty quick read I get why there wasn't too much of the other characters. Ash and Logan's relationship was really great, and the way Ash tried to be there for his brother added to Ash's character. As with the first one, I liked the snowboarding aspect, and that the manwhoreness was at a minimum. All in all it's a good read, and I recommend it to any readers who like a quick read with a bit of tortured male involved.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Review for Shredded by Tracy Wolff

This was a good book, and I liked Ophelia.  She was sassy and strong, and I like that she stood up for herself.  I don't like books where the girls fall all over the male lead no matter what he does, and I don't like; for lack of a better word, man-whores, so I was reticent of Z, but luckily there wasn't too much of his actual man-whoreness.  Z grew on me, and I was rooting for him in no time. I liked taking a glimpse into the snowboarding world, and I liked the back drop of the ski resort.  I would have liked a bit more in the end, but I'll read the next books in the series in hopes of more glimpses of Z and Ophelia.  All in all I enjoyed reading "Shredded"; it was a quick read and kept me interested.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review for Against the Cage by Sidney Halston

I loved it!  Once I started, I couldn't put it down! I loved Chrissy and Jack.  Chrissy had such strength, and her humor made for a great character; she reminded me a bit of Zoe on "Hart of Dixie".  Jack's strength and kindness made him a crushable character right from the beginning of "Against the Cage", and his touches of alpha maleness added to his appeal.  I actually like to read books about MMA, so I enjoyed that aspect of the book; I do want to mention that there actually is very little MMA in the book, and what there is, is pretty tame, so even those readers that don't like fighting books, but enjoy sweet romances will enjoy this book.  I'm glad "Against the Cage" didn't go into a dark area; the characters weren't tortured and it didn't have random women around every corner trying to get with the main male character.  I like the turn the book took with Chrissy and Jack's relationship; I  like them together, and I love the way they met; they are such sweethearts.  I will definitely read the next books in the series!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review for Clipped Wings by Helena Hunting

I loved it!  I loved both of the main characters, and I thought they were strong in the way they are trying to handle the tragedies in his/her life.  I don't really see why Tenley felt she needed to hide parts of her tragedy, but it didn't change my opinion of her.  I think Hayden was absolutely excellent, and I love the addition of his little quirks; they added more depth.  I think Tenley and Hayden really compliment each other, and I appreciate that Hayden understands that his alpha tendencies may be over the top sometimes.  I don't feel like Hayden is too restrictive with Tenley.  The way the characters are written really helps the reader connect with them and how they are feeling.   I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series, and I hope Hayden and Tenley continue to grow and become more accepting of themselves and each other. I'm really glad it comes out soon; it's definitely on my to buy list!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review for Balance by Ciara Knight

I love this series! It's definitely a must read for any readers who love adventure, romance, and a twist of the futuristic! I couldn't put Balance down; the action and the excellent world Ciara Knight created was truly engrossing. I think Semara is an excellent female character; through out the series she grew to be a strong confident woman, and it's nice to have a female character that you actually can see her depth. I love Ryder also; I did have a moment in this book when I was less than pleased with him, but I still loved him. I like that this series has the characters; for the most part anyway, rely on each other, and are honest with each other. I really enjoy reading about all the different powers that people have, and how people begin to stand up for themselves. There was a certain part towards the middle; a certain time adjustment, that kind of threw me for a moment, but not too much, so I'll forgive that. I would consider this series to be in the vein of the dystopian genre, and I for one absolutely love dystopian novels, so I highly recommend this series; it's excellent!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Review for Undone by Shannon Richard

I absolutely loved it! I loved the characters, the plot, the setting; all of it! It's good to read about characters who stay true to themselves, and who are mature in his/her actions.  I will definitely be reading the next book in the series and any other books by Shannon Richard!  The love between Paige and Brenden was written really beautifully.  "Undone" has a lot of heart and soul; I couldn't put it down.  I don't have any gripes about "Undone", so I'll just say it's a must read for anyone who loves deep romances without out the main characters having to be tormented first.  Loved, Loved, Loved it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review for Believe by Erin McCarthy

I really like this series!  What I liked about Believe: Phoenix was really great! He wasn't afraid to be sweet and to actually show it; he didn't hide his feelings.  I also liked that there wasn't any cheating or some other person trying to come between them.  I liked getting a look at the other couples from the previous books in the series, and I'm hoping that as the series continues we start to see growth in the previous relationships of the series.  There was a bit of instalove, but I wasn't really bothered by it; both of the main characters were looking for a true connection and when they found it, they both wanted to grab ahold.  I do wish Robin would have handled the situation better, but I like how it turned out.  I look forward to the next book in the series!

Review for The Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine

I loved it! It's a nice change in a NA novel to have the main characters stay true to themselves and for them not to fall into complete despair when tragic events happen was excellent; I get tired of main characters going into a complete downward spiral instead of dealing with his/her issues.  Pixie and Levi do have some tough times, but I think they handled them with maturity.  I loved the heart behind this story; the writing really helped me feel the emotions that the characters were going through.  I'm glad "Best Kind of Broken" was more of a positive, hopeful story; rather than a dark, depressing story.  It was nice to have a male lead character that doesn't have a tortured mind, and who doesn't use his issues as an excuse to do unsavory things; it's good to see a strong, non bad boy character.  I really look forward to the next books in this series; I will definitely be reading them and any others by Chelsea Fine!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review for Wicked Sense by Fabio Bueno

I like the premise for "Wicked Sense"; the way the witches are written is excellent!  It's good to show the base form of the witchcraft, and not just having a witch be able to do everything possible under the sun magically and it actually took some work to accomplish some of his/her spell work.  I had a hard time connecting with the characters, and I felt they were a little flat; especially the side characters.  Drake never really grew on me; he just seemed kind of dumb, and in the next books I hope he grows into a man with some strength rather than being a little boy.  I did like Skye, but I do hope she starts to become more independent and not worry so much about what others think, and that she will really find herself.  I think towards the end of the book, Skye really starts to grow, so I have high hopes for the next books in the series!

Review for The Here and Now by Ann Brashares

I really liked the premise for "The Here and Now".  I like the time traveler aspect, and I thought the story could have really been something great, but I felt it didn't really get to the level I think it could.  The main characters didn't feel like 18 or so year olds; they seemed more like young teenagers, and they felt static and flat.  I see a lot of potential in this story, and it was still an enjoyable read.  I will read the next book in the series; since I do have a desire to see the story grow, and I have high hopes that the character development will improve as the characters grow! "The Here and Now" is a quick, easy read and I think it could grow into something great in future books in the series.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review for Breathe Into Me by Sara Fawkes

I liked that Lacey was in the up-swing of getting her life together.  I hate reading about characters staying in a bad situation because they don't have the will to leave, so Breathe Into Me was a nice change; even though Lacey had brief moments.  I liked Everett, and I liked that there wasn't really a love triangle.  I would have liked a bit more character development, but all in all I thought it was a good story.  I like that this was a standalone book, and I hope if there are sequels added later, there won't be an addition of a love triangle, or cheating, or falling back into old habits.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Review for Dangerous Dream by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

It was good to get a brief glimpse of Lena and Ethan. I never really liked Ridley, she makes a lot of dumb decisions and it annoys me, but I'm willing to try this new series in hopes she grows.up.  Also I hope for some more Lena and Ethan scenes

Review for His Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones

I liked that it was from Chris POV, I like getting the different perspectives from the main characters. Sara is a better woman than me, I would have told him he needs to get rid of those toxic people. I know you want to help, but there needs to be a limit. Especially exes! All it does is create too much drama. If Chris wants to change, he needs to know when enough is enough.  All in all it was a good short story with a couple steamy scenes.

Review for A May Bride by Meg Moseley

I liked it all right, but it wasn't in my top favorites of this series.  I felt like the story and the character development was a bit stiff.  Gray's personality wasn't the greatest, and I kept waiting for him to show some of himself, but he remained flat.  He also seemed very forceful.  I did like the idea of this story, and I liked Ellie.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review for An April Bride by Lenora Worth

It was pretty good.  Very wholesome and heartfelt.  I liked both of the main characters, and the plot was really sweet.  I like this series.  It's a very quick read, and it's a light, hopeful read.  It's nice to read a story that doesn't have all these factors  working against the couple; it's good to show love doesn't always have to be a battle.  I definitely recommend this series to anyone who likes a wholesome, sweet stories.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review for Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining

I really liked it!  It's definitely a pretty dark story, and a lot of heavy situations, but there was an underlining hope to the story that helped it not be to depressing.  I think Tristan was really great; he added some much needed intelligence to the story, and his level headedness was really appreciated.  I'm on the fence about Josie, but as the story went on she grew on me.  The story had a nice flow and I liked the author's word choices.  I look forward to more books by Season Vining.

Review for Thrown for a Curve by Sugar Jamison

I loved it! It was very sweet and heartwarming. The little touched of humorous really helped lighten it up a bit too. I do wish they main characters would have figured out their issue a little sooner, but I thought both of them were terrific.  I haven't read the first book in the series, Dangerous Curves Ahead, but it's on my bookshelf ready to be read, but i have read Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas, and so far I love this series! I'm definitely going to read all the books in this series!  It's really great!

Review for Deceptive Innocence Part 2 by Kyra Davis

I haven't read the first part of this series, so I don't quite have the connection with the characters I may have had if I did, so I didn't really care for the main character. I still like the idea for the story though and I look forward to how it plays out.  The sex scenes were excellent, and I hope the main character grows in the next book.  All in all it was a good fast read

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review for Ever Fire by Alexia Purdy

Before I could read this, I read Evangeline and Ever Shade, and I really loved them!  But, with Ever Fire, my love didn't carry over.  Shade was just too whiny and bratty; it bordered on pathetic! She was so much more confident in Ever Shade! Shade in this book was just a disappointment.  I do still like this series because I really like the world it takes place in, and I love the visual imagery the author creates.  I will read the next books in the series, and I have already bought them and started book 3.  There is another thing I just can't stand in a book, and as I continue to read the series I see it happening in this series; I'm not going to use names, but this may be a slight spoiler

I hate when a character tells another they love them and will always be there, and then it doesn't work out for them, and that character that professed their love, falls in love with someone else in no time!  It's a good thing you didn't get picked! since your love is so fickle! I hate that!

I'm hoping the next books redeem the series for me, and I still enjoy reading the books.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Review for Faelorehn by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

I really liked it! So much so, that I bought the rest of the books in the series!  I do wish a bit more happened in Faelorehn, but I was kept interested through the whole book, so it being a trilogy I get that this book is a set up for the rest of the series.  There was a lot of pining, so I'm looking forward to Meghan becoming a stronger character in the next books.  I hope she will anyway.  I look forward to Meghan learning more about the Fae, and herself.  Great start to a trilogy!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Review for Shadow Allegiance by Lacy Yager

I really like this series! I haven't read the first book yet, but I loved Rival!  And I really enjoyed Shadow Allegiance; I still loved Rival a pinch more, but this was a great book also.  I would have liked a bit more in the ending, but I like the lead in for the next book.  I'll definitely keep an eye out for the next book! Great, fun series!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Review for Rival by Lacy Yager

Loved it! Loved the characters! I haven't read any of the other books in the series, but I definitely will be checking them out, and any other books by Lacy Yager.  This novella was a quick, light read, but it had a lot packed into it, and it kept me reading! It definitely got me interested in Rival's world.  The characters were great, and I like that they weren't wishy washy, or weak.  The romance was very sweet, and I loved both of the main characters.  Such a great book!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review for A March Bride by Rachel Hauck

This series is great! I haven't read any other books by Rachel Hauck, so I didn't have a clue about the previous story, but I still enjoyed this novella.  All of the books in this series have some type of religious aspect, and this had a bit more than the previous books I've read in this series; it didn't detract from my enjoyment of this novella.  It was a cute romance, and I'll check out other books by Hauck.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Review for Heart of Stone by Christine Warren

I love Christine Warren's books! I love the gargoyle aspect! I thought it was lots of fun! I love Ella's personality, she was feisty and smart; she was great.  Kees was excellent also, and I liked the idea of guardians protecting against evil.  The magic was great, and the whole story was lots of fun, and had just the right amount of humor.  The romance was sweet.  I look forward to the next books in the series; I will definitely read them. Really Great Series!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review for Wanted by J. Kenner

The sex scenes were hot!  There are quite a few in Wanted. I would have liked a little more character development, and Angelina felt a little bratty to me. Like she didn't think about the consequences of her actions. I did like her though and I thought Evan was great. They were sweet together. I look forward to more the next books in the series!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Review for A January Bride by Deborah Raney

I really liked the premise of A January Bride.  I thought it was cute and sweet, and it was a good read. A January Bride, as well as the other books I've read in the series, are very innocent, and all about the romance. I like that about this series, because it nice to read a nice and light series. I like the tone the books in this series have. I thought both of the main characters were great, and they were cute together. One thing I would have liked a bit better was a bit more development with their relationship. I really like this series!

Review for A December Bride by Denise Hunter

A December Bride is a really cute novella, and really sweet.  I read this book in no time, and this novella flowed at a great pace.  I know with novellas there are sometimes problems with too much, with too little content, but A December Bride had a nice balance. This book is about romance, and I thought it was done well with the right twist of humor. One thing I didn't love was I wanted Layla to have more closure with her ex; it seemed to me that she wasn't quite there. I just wanted it a bit more clear.  I really enjoyed this book; it was nice and light reading, and I look forward to reading more books in the series, and I hope to check out the different authors of this series!