Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Review for Balance by Ciara Knight

I love this series! It's definitely a must read for any readers who love adventure, romance, and a twist of the futuristic! I couldn't put Balance down; the action and the excellent world Ciara Knight created was truly engrossing. I think Semara is an excellent female character; through out the series she grew to be a strong confident woman, and it's nice to have a female character that you actually can see her depth. I love Ryder also; I did have a moment in this book when I was less than pleased with him, but I still loved him. I like that this series has the characters; for the most part anyway, rely on each other, and are honest with each other. I really enjoy reading about all the different powers that people have, and how people begin to stand up for themselves. There was a certain part towards the middle; a certain time adjustment, that kind of threw me for a moment, but not too much, so I'll forgive that. I would consider this series to be in the vein of the dystopian genre, and I for one absolutely love dystopian novels, so I highly recommend this series; it's excellent!

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