Monday, April 28, 2014

Review for Shredded by Tracy Wolff

This was a good book, and I liked Ophelia.  She was sassy and strong, and I like that she stood up for herself.  I don't like books where the girls fall all over the male lead no matter what he does, and I don't like; for lack of a better word, man-whores, so I was reticent of Z, but luckily there wasn't too much of his actual man-whoreness.  Z grew on me, and I was rooting for him in no time. I liked taking a glimpse into the snowboarding world, and I liked the back drop of the ski resort.  I would have liked a bit more in the end, but I'll read the next books in the series in hopes of more glimpses of Z and Ophelia.  All in all I enjoyed reading "Shredded"; it was a quick read and kept me interested.

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