Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review for Dark Paradise by Angie Sandro (5 out of 5 stars)

This was really good! After I finished I bought the next 2 books right away because I didn't want to wait to find out what happens.  I love the setting; the grittiness of being in the bayou was written excellently, and it really brought me; as the reader, into the story.  I really liked the characters too; they weren't stock characters and they had personality to them.  I was a bit pissed at how Mala was starting to act towards the end, but it didn't deter from my enjoyment of the story.  The storyline was lots of fun, and kept me interested all the way till the end.  I finished it in no time, and I couldn't put it down!  I loved the mystery and supernatural elements; they really made the story intriguing.  I will say one thing; I'm really tired of man sluts, but I really enjoyed the story, so I will put up with it if I have to.  Great start to what I hope will be a fabulous series!

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  1. Hi Shannon, I just wanted to stop by to thank you for the awesome review. :)