Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review for Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven ( 5 out 5 must reads)

What!? It's over! Ah, man I need more ending! But despite the ending, I still loved this book!  This book has spice and heat, and heart and soul.  The tension the author created between the main characters was very intense in the most awesome way.  I like the present story and the glimpses into the past; it really built up the characters.  I almost didn't like Cassie, but I never got to that point because her humor and honesty with herself was refreshing, and all I could feel for her was understanding.  She is trying to cope with living without a piece of her.  Ethan was excellently written and he had depths to him that added to the enjoyment of reading about him and all he goes through to come to terms with himself.  This story is exceptionally sweet and heartbreaking and full of so much emotion.  I will definitely be looking into more books by Leisa Rayven in the future! Superb Read!

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