Thursday, January 1, 2015

Review for A Cursed Bloodline by Cecy Robson ( 5 out 5 must reads)

Ooooh man! This one was brutal! So many bad things happen in this book!  It was making me so mad! I had to skim parts of this book because my frustration was unwelcome, and I had to get to the parts that would let me release my frustration; it took awhile, but some of my frustration was relieved, but a whole new situation would ramp it back up!  But, the story was very engrossing, and I really enjoy this series! One thing I do hate is that whole I won't tell people about some evil person trying to hurt everyone because I want to protect everyone scenario; it's so frustrating!  It never works out, and so it really gets on my nerves; it just creates way more problems then just telling people the truth.  For once, I'd like a character to be like screw you, I'm telling my people what's going on and we can figure it out together!  You can tell people and keep it secret, so nuts!  I was hoping Celia would have done something like that, but alas torture ensued.  I am glad she somewhat put Masha in place; I was thinking the whole time, if he really loved her as much as he says, he wouldn't be sleeping with everything.  He always did bother me.  Even through this torment, I still really enjoyed this book, and I think it was an excellent addition to this series, and although I did have to skim some parts, I still highly enjoyed it! I will definitely read the next one and I hope everyone will have a happy ending!

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