Friday, January 23, 2015

Review for Held Against You by Season Vining ( 4 out 5 must reads)

This was pretty good, and I really liked Kat.  I always like when there are smart female characters in books, and I especially love nerdy tech types, so I really enjoyed Kat's character.  I also liked the whole on the run scenario, but I felt like Kat wasn't quite so smart with some of her decisions relating to her situation, and some of the actions she chose while she's on the run, but the story kept me interested till the end, and I wanted to keep on reading till I finished.  The chemistry between Kat and the bounty hunter was excellent, and Kat's humor definitely adds to my enjoyment of this book; helps make it not quite so heavy.  This book definitely took a different turn then I was expecting, but the way it ended up, I thought, was a good way to go for the story; although I do wish some more people got their comeuppance!  This book was romance with an edge, and I think it's unexpected. A great read!

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