Friday, January 23, 2015

Review for Possess by Laura Marie Altom ( 3 out 5 must reads)

I liked this book about as much as I liked the first; actually I liked it a bit more, but I think the 3 star rating works well for both books.  Something I wanted from this book after reading the first book was for the characters to have more growth, but I don't think that really happened.  I really couldn't get in tune with Ella; she seemed whiny and na├»ve, and her decisions were not thought out.  If I remember right, which it's possible I don't, Ella was said to be smart and strong, but I didn't get that from her; she seemed to just wimp around, and I get that she went through something horrific and she's justified in some of her actions, but I think her behavior went a bit too over the top.  Also, when she said they (Liam and Her) were the beautiful people; I just about gagged;  I felt more like she was a teenager, rather than a woman; she felt very immature to me. After all that being said, I was still rooting for her; I just wanted more from her.  As for Liam, I like him; his alpha tendencies do go a bit over the top sometimes, but he does check himself for the most part, and I do like him and Ella together.  I do like the whole premise of this book, and that's really what saved this book for me because the story kept me interested till the end, and although I was a bit annoyed with the characters, I still wanted to read about their journey.  It's a good read.  I see there's a 3rd book in the series, so I'm curious about it and who it will feature; it's called Rebound, so I'm thinking Nathan, but we'll see!

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