Friday, February 6, 2015

Review for Dark Hope by Monica McGurk ( 3 out 5 must reads)

Ok, so I liked this and I want to read the next book in the series to find out what happens, but there was still things that I didn't really like; mainly with the main character Hope. Hope is just way too childish for my liking, and I do give Hope the benefit of the doubt in a lot of her actions because of the sheltered way she was brought up, but it became too much for me.  She super naïve, and she reminds me of a kicked puppy, and when she does choose to stand up for herself it's always for the wrong reason, or against the wrong person.  She is only 15, going on 16, but she is definitely on the younger side of that age.  I'm hoping Hope's personality in this book is just the author way to show Hope's growth throughout the series; now she's naïve and makes horrible decisions, but she will continue to grow into herself, and begin to understand herself better; that is what I envision for future books.  I do like the premise for this book, and that's what kept me entertained and reading, although I think the whole human trafficking scenario was unnecessary, and I really didn't enjoy it, but I liked the whole angel aspect, and there is still tons of mystery in the book that I am eager to find out about in the next books.  I felt there was very little romance in this book, and I think that was a good thing because of the immaturity of Hope.  There is romance, but it didn't feel important in the grand scheme of things, and felt like an afterthought to the author.  The mystery and the different settings added excitement to the story, and that's what will get me to read the next book in the series.  I will be looking for growth and answers in the next book!

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