Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review for Hero by Samantha Young ( 4 out of 5 must reads)

This was really great! I thought the sexual tension was excellent, and the characters had strong chemistry.  I did think this book would be a bit more humorous, and there were parts of humor, but it was actually pretty serious; I still really liked it though.  I enjoyed the intensity of Caine, and Alexa's determination. Alexa knows what she wants and goes for it.  There were some surprises and this book kept me reading till the end in one sitting.  The evolution of Alexa and Caine's relationship was done nicely, and even times when Caine was being less than lovable; I was still rooting for them, and Caine was still endeared to me.  I decided not to do 5 stars because I wanted a bit more from the end; it felt a bit rushed to me.  This book was sweet, and at times heart wrenching; all in all it was excellent! I recommend it!

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