Friday, March 27, 2015

Review for Crushed by Lauren Layne- 5 stars!

Loved it! I love the summer time romance aspect, and this book has a lot of heart and soul.  I loved Chloe, she's fun, sweet, and she might not think it, but she's a strong individual. I also liked Michael, even though his tennis pro activities weren't very ideal, he still was likable, and I was rooting for him to find his happiness. This book is funny and the whole premise, although predictable, was lots of fun, and I couldn't put the book down. Chloe and Michael are really sweet together, and I was rooting for them from the beginning, even though they each had their missteps and bad decisions.  So far, I love this series, and I look forward to more books to come!

Review for Once Pure by Cecy Robson - 5 stars!

I absolutely loved this! And I really love this series! I'm so glad there are going to be more books in this series! I loved Sophia and Killian, and I'm so glad to finally read their story; ever since we have been get glimpses of them from the previous books, I have been anticipating their story.  It definitely was a tough read, since the book has to deal with rape and other unpleasantness, but reading about how Sophie and Killian find their way back to each other was very moving.  There's a lot of heartache and guilt that they both need to work through, and it's a very emotional story to get through, but I love it. I happen to enjoy MMA books, so I liked that aspect as well, some may not like the fighting aspect, but I don't think it detracted from the main soul of the story.  This is definitely an excellent series, and I'm really looking forward to more stories! I loved Wren in this book, she's such a kick ass woman! And hopefully we'll get Finn's story, that  is going to be brutal, but I'm definitely looking forward to it; it seems him and Sol may have something, so that will be interesting to read, and I will absolutely love more from the characters from the previous books. Love it! Cecy Robson is an awesome writer!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review for Unforgiven by Lori Adams- 4 stars

I thought this was really great! I haven't read the first and second book of this series because this book became available to me first, so I just went with it, and chose to read it anyway.  I really enjoyed the premise for the book, I love demons and angels, and the world building the author created with her words was excellent! It was super awesome when they went to Hell, and I really enjoyed the action scenes, and of course I love the romance; it was super sweet, without being overly cloying. I will read the first 2 books, but in a way I'm glad I read this first because I hate the anticipation, and all the problems the main character has to go through to get to the end, so I won't have such anxiety when I read the first 2 books.  I like how this book ended, but I would have liked a bit more added to the end. One thing I didn't enjoy was that Sophia was keeping secrets from Michael, but that always happens in books; that's what usually causes the problems, so I get it. Also, the main problem presented at the beginning isn't really addressed till way into the book. This book was interesting to read, and I'm glad I read it! I loved all the characters, and all the different aspects of good and evil; the shades of gray; not just black and white. A great read for any reader who likes demons and angels!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review for Finding Hope by Stacy Finz- 4 stars

This book is fairly depressing, and I had a hard time liking the male lead, Clay, but I still enjoyed the story and writing, and I wanted more from the ending; it felt a bit abrupt.  First off, the romance in this book wasn't quite to my liking, and that has to do with Clay more than Emily.  Here's a bit of a spoiler, so stop reading if you don't want any spoilers............I didn't like the fact the Clay was so hung up on women's looks; not much else mattered to him, and he was with other women in the book, so I found him a bit lacking and I think Emily deserved better than what he was doing, and he's never really confronted about it, the story just goes into something else.  The story is pretty intense and sad, and I feel for Emily, she has been through a lot, and reading about how she's trying to cope with the pains in her life, and become "alive" again was a story of extreme strength.  I enjoyed the writing, and a lot of the side characters, and I love small town settings for books, so I look forward to reading more books by Stacy Finz, starting with the first in the series! I'm also hoping I won't have to wait long for Lina and Griffin's story! Note to the author: Please don't torture them too much or have Griffin be a man who sleeps with tons of women, that'll be damn depressing.

Review for Twice in a Blue Moon by Cate Masters - 3 stars

I loved the artic setting, and I like the characters for the most part, but I did hope their personalities would have been a bit more developed, but I know with a short story, that's hard to do.  I enjoyed the premise of the main character needing to find a way to deal with her loss, rather than the destructive path she is currently on; she needs to find herself again.  I mainly went with 3 stars because I wanted a lot more from the ending.  I did enjoy the book though, and the story kept me reading and entertained, and since it's a short story, I read it in no time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review for A Curse Unbroken by Cecy Robson 5 stars!

I love this series! Although, it's torturous at times, I still love it! This book was excellent, and I really enjoy all of the characters.  Celia and Aric have gone through so much, and they continue to have problems in this book, but at least they aren't being their own worse enemies in this book, as they have in previous books.  I've never been to keen on Micha, but he didn't bother me quite as much in this book; probably because the book didn't go into his life quite as much as in the past, and I can say I'm glad for it.  Aric and Celia are definitely a force to be reckon with, and their adventures were great to read, there's lots of action in this book, and lots of heart wrenching situations to overcome, but Celia handles them with strength; too bad she has to almost die all the time!  There definitely seems to be another book in the horizon because there is a lot that was left unfinished.  I hope Celia and Aric will find peace, and I hope we get happy endings for Celia's sisters.  Taran needs to speak up to Gem, and Gem needs to man up!  In the author's afterword, Robson mentions that this is the end of Celia's story, but Taran will take over, and I am really looking forward to that, and hopefully there will be more Celia and Aric! I do hope Taran doesn't get too tortured, it was hard to read about all the pain caused to Celia.  I loved this addition to the series, I think it's one of my favorites so far, and I will definitely continue to read the rest of the books in this series, and other books by Cecy Robson! Robson is a great writer and I enjoy many of her series!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Review for Tamed by Stacey Kennedy ( 3 out of 5 stars)

This series is decent, I mainly like when the story is outside the club; I must be over BDSM club books because I find myself wanting to skim over those parts.  I think this book is my least favorite so far because I just don't care for Kenzie very much, the whole bratty thing was annoying, and I know she was masking inner pain, but I still was having a hard time connecting with her.  Also, the way they "solved" one of her problems, the problem with her building, I don't think is actually a way to solve that problem; I feel like it's just a band aid on the problem.  I liked Porter alright, and I always enjoy the addition of the other characters from the previous books.  If you like BDSM club books, you'll probably like this one, and this book is a little more spicy then the previous books because Kenzie is into pain, but it's still pretty mellow.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Review for Below the Belt by Sidney Halston ( 5 out of 5 stars)

I really love this series! I read the first book and loved it! Haven't had the pleasure of reading the second yet, but it's next on my list! I love the MMA angle, and the guys are alpha without being too overbearing, and they have their flaws, but they are likable enough that you don't hate them.  In this book, Tony and Francesca have excellent chemistry, and Tony was just adorable in a feisty alpha way, and Francesca was a strong woman with the right amount of vulnerability. I loved reading about the evolvement of their relationship, and I will continue to read any other books in this series! From what I understand, the next book will feature Cain, and I am really excited for his story, and hopefully it's with Violet!

Review for True Calling by Siobhan Davis ( 5 out of 5 stars)

I really enjoyed this! I almost gave it 4 stars because I hate love triangles and I really dislike Isla, but I liked the premise and other characters more than I hate those things, so 5 stars is the way I went.  This book is very thorough, very descriptive; sometimes a bit too much, but I think it really helped build the world up.  I love futuristic type books and also dystopian type books, and this book is both, so I liked all that tech talk, but it did run a bit long, and I would have liked for the pacing of the story to be a bit faster.  Ariana and Cal were interesting characters, and I think they were really sweet together. Ariana had some feistiness to her, as well as intelligence, and Cal was both strong, as well as vulnerable.  I liked Zane as well; except for some of his actions with a certain someone, and I look forward to learning more about him in the next book. I will definitely read the next book in the series; I'm really looking forward to how things will play out; (bit of a spoiler ahead, but really it's more of a teaser, or I could just be reading too much into an actions; we shall see!) especially what happened to Ariana when she was put to sleep at the doctor's!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review for Slow and Steady Rush by Laura Trentham ( 5 out of 5 must reads)

I loved it! This book is complete, it's more than just your average romance story, this story had lots of heart, and it's nice to read something based on more than just sex.  Although the sex scenes were very well written, and the build up to the main characters love was excellent.  The main characters were both wonderful, and they didn't feel like stock characters; they had some soul to them, and their chemistry was off the charts.  I love the whole small town aspect, and I love a southern setting in books and I wasn't disappointed while I was reading this; I love that southern charm with a pinch of sass.  The side characters are wonderful additions, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series about Logan.  This book has heart and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Review for The One by Belle Ami ( 3 out 5 must reads)

Okay....I really should have given this 2 stars, but since I want to read the next one because I do want to know what happens, I bumped up the rating, and reading the synopsis for the 2nd book, I thought to myself that what it's describing doesn't fit with how I think of this story, so I'm curious.  This book is like Sleeping with the Enemy on crack, it's  a lot more depraved and dark, and I skimmed a lot of the parts because they were detestable.  The way the story starts right away turns my opinion of Miles towards the negative, and my opinion of him only worsen as the story goes on. On a side note, the author used exclamation points way to often when Miles speaks. So anyway, it's hard to enjoy reading about him, when I was just so sickened by him, and his sister is absolutely horrendous.  They both are just horrible.  This story is by no means a romance, there are tons of sex scenes, but they were all disturbing because you just know how darkly troubled these people are.  There's also rape in this book, that is described in vivid detail; pages worth, I had to skim pretty much all the sex related scenes because I was just done with any type of sex scene after awhile.  The main female lead was na├»ve and didn't seem to have any common sense.  What did I like...hmmm...I liked that it kept me wondering, I wondering how long it would take for the main character to get a clue, so that kept me reading.  I liked the equestrian aspect, and there's a bit of mystery.  So, I don't know, I guess I don't really recommend it because it's pretty much just sex, and the sex isn't even fulfilling to read, so no luck there. If you like tortured characters who are deeply flawed, and you have no qualms about really anything, then give it a go! Like I said, I may read the next one because I hate not knowing how things end, but maybe I'll just read the spoilers, or maybe the next one won't be so unappealing. Also, there's a cliffhanger in this book, and I hate that.