Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review for A Curse Unbroken by Cecy Robson 5 stars!

I love this series! Although, it's torturous at times, I still love it! This book was excellent, and I really enjoy all of the characters.  Celia and Aric have gone through so much, and they continue to have problems in this book, but at least they aren't being their own worse enemies in this book, as they have in previous books.  I've never been to keen on Micha, but he didn't bother me quite as much in this book; probably because the book didn't go into his life quite as much as in the past, and I can say I'm glad for it.  Aric and Celia are definitely a force to be reckon with, and their adventures were great to read, there's lots of action in this book, and lots of heart wrenching situations to overcome, but Celia handles them with strength; too bad she has to almost die all the time!  There definitely seems to be another book in the horizon because there is a lot that was left unfinished.  I hope Celia and Aric will find peace, and I hope we get happy endings for Celia's sisters.  Taran needs to speak up to Gem, and Gem needs to man up!  In the author's afterword, Robson mentions that this is the end of Celia's story, but Taran will take over, and I am really looking forward to that, and hopefully there will be more Celia and Aric! I do hope Taran doesn't get too tortured, it was hard to read about all the pain caused to Celia.  I loved this addition to the series, I think it's one of my favorites so far, and I will definitely continue to read the rest of the books in this series, and other books by Cecy Robson! Robson is a great writer and I enjoy many of her series!

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