Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review for Finding Hope by Stacy Finz- 4 stars

This book is fairly depressing, and I had a hard time liking the male lead, Clay, but I still enjoyed the story and writing, and I wanted more from the ending; it felt a bit abrupt.  First off, the romance in this book wasn't quite to my liking, and that has to do with Clay more than Emily.  Here's a bit of a spoiler, so stop reading if you don't want any spoilers............I didn't like the fact the Clay was so hung up on women's looks; not much else mattered to him, and he was with other women in the book, so I found him a bit lacking and I think Emily deserved better than what he was doing, and he's never really confronted about it, the story just goes into something else.  The story is pretty intense and sad, and I feel for Emily, she has been through a lot, and reading about how she's trying to cope with the pains in her life, and become "alive" again was a story of extreme strength.  I enjoyed the writing, and a lot of the side characters, and I love small town settings for books, so I look forward to reading more books by Stacy Finz, starting with the first in the series! I'm also hoping I won't have to wait long for Lina and Griffin's story! Note to the author: Please don't torture them too much or have Griffin be a man who sleeps with tons of women, that'll be damn depressing.

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