Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review for The One by Belle Ami ( 3 out 5 must reads)

Okay....I really should have given this 2 stars, but since I want to read the next one because I do want to know what happens, I bumped up the rating, and reading the synopsis for the 2nd book, I thought to myself that what it's describing doesn't fit with how I think of this story, so I'm curious.  This book is like Sleeping with the Enemy on crack, it's  a lot more depraved and dark, and I skimmed a lot of the parts because they were detestable.  The way the story starts right away turns my opinion of Miles towards the negative, and my opinion of him only worsen as the story goes on. On a side note, the author used exclamation points way to often when Miles speaks. So anyway, it's hard to enjoy reading about him, when I was just so sickened by him, and his sister is absolutely horrendous.  They both are just horrible.  This story is by no means a romance, there are tons of sex scenes, but they were all disturbing because you just know how darkly troubled these people are.  There's also rape in this book, that is described in vivid detail; pages worth, I had to skim pretty much all the sex related scenes because I was just done with any type of sex scene after awhile.  The main female lead was na├»ve and didn't seem to have any common sense.  What did I like...hmmm...I liked that it kept me wondering, I wondering how long it would take for the main character to get a clue, so that kept me reading.  I liked the equestrian aspect, and there's a bit of mystery.  So, I don't know, I guess I don't really recommend it because it's pretty much just sex, and the sex isn't even fulfilling to read, so no luck there. If you like tortured characters who are deeply flawed, and you have no qualms about really anything, then give it a go! Like I said, I may read the next one because I hate not knowing how things end, but maybe I'll just read the spoilers, or maybe the next one won't be so unappealing. Also, there's a cliffhanger in this book, and I hate that.

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