Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review for Unforgiven by Lori Adams- 4 stars

I thought this was really great! I haven't read the first and second book of this series because this book became available to me first, so I just went with it, and chose to read it anyway.  I really enjoyed the premise for the book, I love demons and angels, and the world building the author created with her words was excellent! It was super awesome when they went to Hell, and I really enjoyed the action scenes, and of course I love the romance; it was super sweet, without being overly cloying. I will read the first 2 books, but in a way I'm glad I read this first because I hate the anticipation, and all the problems the main character has to go through to get to the end, so I won't have such anxiety when I read the first 2 books.  I like how this book ended, but I would have liked a bit more added to the end. One thing I didn't enjoy was that Sophia was keeping secrets from Michael, but that always happens in books; that's what usually causes the problems, so I get it. Also, the main problem presented at the beginning isn't really addressed till way into the book. This book was interesting to read, and I'm glad I read it! I loved all the characters, and all the different aspects of good and evil; the shades of gray; not just black and white. A great read for any reader who likes demons and angels!

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