Saturday, April 11, 2015

Review for Beyond Reach by Siobhan Davis- 5 bee's knees!

This story is getting super good! I'm loving it! Can't wait for the next book!  I love dystopia stories, so this story definitely keeps me interested, and I enjoy the sci-fi aspect.  I love how the story is so complete, it's just not about the romance, it's much more involved.  The romance is still very present, but so many more events are happening, that it doesn't become cloying.  I'm not a huge fan of love triangles, but I'm not quite annoyed with it in this series.  I do still really dislike Isla, I'm totally okay if she ends up sacrificing herself for the others, totally cool with that!  If in the end Ariana doesn't choose Zane, I am very much hoping he doesn't end up with Isla, actually I hope no one ends up with Isla, well maybe Cal's brother, that would be interesting!  I'm okay with that scenario.  Something I hate in books is when whoever the leading lady doesn't choose automatically falls in love with someone else! If you were so in love with the leading lady, how is it that you can just fall in love with someone else so quickly!  I hope that doesn't happen in this series!  I'm going to try to be vague about something I don't want to happen in the story, so I don't ruin it for anyone, so be forewarned that this may be a slight bit spoilery.  I hope a certain situation turns out to be just an affair, and not a related issue, and also I'm wondering if Cal were to regain is memories, would there be a girl he liked before; I would hate that!, okay that's all I'm going to say about that! I liked the alternating POV chapters, but I did skim through some of Zane's chapters because of a certain someone, but I still like getting glimpses into other people's minds.  Maybe there can be some chapters for Cal in the next book!  I'm still not sure who I want Ariana to pick, but I suppose I'm leaning towards Cal.  All I'm hoping is that whoever it is, doesn't just find some other girl, just let them be heartbroken, then they can come to terms with, and it will be implied that they will be just fine!  I will definitely read the next book, and I really enjoy Siobhan Davis' writing, so I will look into other books by her as well!

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