Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review for Exposed by Tracy Wolff- 4 bee's knees

I really liked this! It's definitely overly dramatic, but I enjoy books that are all about deep passionate love, and the whole I can't handle life without you attitude, so this book was a win for me. This is the first book I read in this series, so I'm missing the build up to this part of the story, but I don't feel like I couldn't follow the story, but I do recommend reading the first books; which I plan to do in the near feature. So, having not read the other books and not knowing if Ethan wasn't always his excellent self, I have to say he is great! I like that Ethan and Chloe had a fun relationship, passion is great, but I like the addition of the couples play off each other, it helps make them seem more real, and Ethan being a good guy and not being some brooding bad boy was a nice change to read. And overall, I liked Chloe, there were a couple of times where I think how she handles things was over the top, but I do think she has an inner strength that was nice to see. One thing I didn't like was the addition of a certain element, which I don't want to spoil, so I'll be vague, but I am getting tired of the whole, this is the next natural progression of a relationship, so let's go ahead and have this be in the story because that's what happens; everything doesn't need to be thrown in. But, that thing is a small one, and so many books do it, that I suppose I'll just have to deal. Okay, that's probably confusing, but ah well. There's quite a bit of sex in this book, but I don't feel like it was too much, the couple actually do other things when they are alone together instead of just having sex all the time, the couple actually spends time talking to each other. As I said earlier, I do love that whole you are my whole life mentality, so I loved that aspect. This book was a sweet and passionate romance, and the characters are adorable together!

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