Monday, May 4, 2015

Review for The Summer's End by Mary Alice Monroe - 4 bee's knees

I ended up like this book more than I thought I would because the beginning wasn't catching my attention, but in the end I eventually really enjoyed it! I think the main reason I really enjoyed it was I liked Harper a lot, and this book was mainly about her. There are still many parts in the book with the other sisters, and I liked Dora, but I've never been one to like the "wild" child, and Carson really got on my nerves. I can't stand people who keep being a jerk, and then afterwards, they are sorry and all is well, so Carson really annoyed me, you know now that I think about it she definitely has middle child syndrome, and I know she has issues, but I still disliked her. I haven't read the other books in this series, and I think that's okay because I didn't really feel like I couldn't enjoy this book because of it. I suppose I might have a better understanding of each of the characters, but I still this book stands on it's own. I did find the book slow at times, and the writing was a bit dated, but I still enjoyed the depth of the descriptions for the setting; they really brought the story to life. There's not much excitement in this book, it's all about the relationships with the sisters and their grandmother, and the sisters relationships with their men, but all in all I enjoyed this book, it's an easy read and light hearted.

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