Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review for Violets and Violence by Morgan Parker - 4 bee's knees

I was really liking this up till the ending! I don't like endings like that, and I wanted more to the ending as well. I kept forgetting this was set in modern times because it felt older. I don't know if I even really liked the characters, but in an odd way I did, and I liked the illusionist angle. The characters felt damaged to me, but they really weren't, they were just complex and human. The writing did feel a bit jumbled to me, but the story was really interesting, and I had an idea about what could be going on, and it turns out my idea was what was going on, but I wasn't quite sure till the end. The story was kind of depressing, and there were a lot of odd moments, but for some reason I still really enjoyed it. Some of the choices the characters made, made absolutely no sense, and they really didn't seem very mature for supposed adults. All in All, the bit of mystery, and the uniqueness of the story kept me interested through out the whole story.

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