Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review for Accidentally in Love by Laura Drewry - 5 bee's knees!

I absolutely loved it!!!! I read it in one sitting, and stayed up entirely way to late to finish it! I love small town romances, so I loved that aspect, and all the characters are fun and wonderful. This book was really sweet with bits of humor, and drew me into the character's lives. I adored the main female character, Ellie, and think she was fun, likable, and overall an excellent person. From her Walking Dead pajamas to her refreshingly blunt honesty, she was a joy to read about. I love the chemistry between her and Brett, the main male character, they are so cute together, and I love how they didn't play games with each other; they were just real with each other. The relationship between the two was one I could definitely get behind, and I had no issues with Brett or Ellie, and the build up of their romance was perfectly done, and I desperately wanted them work out, and felt bad when things weren't coming together. Having the added element of Ellie's Ex causing issues, and I was hooked, I do wish a bit more happened with that storyline, but that in no way derailed my supreme enjoyment of this book. It's nice to have characters who make intelligent decisions, and don't just fly off the handle and make stupid mistakes because they think they know best,and I am so happy when there is an alpha male who isn't completely overbearing in books; they can be strong without having to prove how macho they are. This is the first book I've read in this series, and I glad this came my way, I am definitely going to read the previous books and any future book. The characters from previous books are in this book, and although I would've liked to read those first, I don't feel it deterred at all from my enjoyment of reading this book. Alright I gushed enough, this was just perfect! Love!

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