Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review for Crave by Jennifer Dawson - 3 bee's knees

hmmmm....This just wasn't really for me. Layla is the type of character I don't really like reading about, so with her being the voice of the story, makes liking this difficult. Her personality is just not for me, from the beginning of the story till the end, and I know there's a type of growth she has in the book, but she still never grew on me, and not liking the main character of a book makes caring about anything to do with her. Although, Layla is definitely a woman I don't connect with, I did like some aspects of this story. I liked the having to deal with Michael as a cop storyline, and Michael may seem to be too much for some readers, I didn't mind him and all his major alpha-ness. I also didn't mind the sex scenes, I'm not huge into BDSM books, but I liked that the scenes were just about them. I just wish Layla wasn't so annoying, and it's great to go for what you want, but when you are so needy that you can barely function without it, I find that to be a problem. She was just too needy, almost ruined the book for me. I get that she's grieving, and some of how she is can be put on that, but some of it is just how she is. Yeah, she just wasn't for me. I liked the secondary characters, and so I might read the next books in the series because I didn't mind the writing, and hopefully the rest of the heroines aren't like her. I did get a sense that they are all beyond submissive though, so I'll have to think longer on it.

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