Sunday, June 21, 2015

Review for Heat of the Moment by Lori Handeland - 5 bee's knees!

I love this series! I loved the first book, and I loved this one; actually I tend to love all of Handeland's books. The witch angle was interesting, and I enjoyed reading about the main character having to discover her ancestry. I think Becca is great, she's intelligent, funny, and she's chill, and I loved how she goes for what she wants. I really liked Owen too, he's perfect for Becca, and they have excellent chemistry, and they were just adorable together. I like that the characters who have magic actually use magic; I hate when characters have these magic skills, and they rarely use them. The book kept interested the whole time, and having someone out to get Becca kept the suspense going, and I really like small towns; it makes for some interesting side characters. The author did a good job of having a good amount of both romance and the unveiling of the other storyline; I would've liked maybe a little bit more romance, but that's just because I love romance, but I still loved it. Having the addition of the other characters from the previous book show up was really great because I loved them in the first book, so I'm glad they carried over to this book as well, and I'm really hoping the characters from both books will be in the next book, and it's looking as if that's going to be the case. I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series, I know I'll love it!

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