Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Review for Keir by Pippa Jay - 5 bee's knees!

I loved this! It's an epic adventure! So much happens in this book, when I thought it was almost the end, the book would have more action going on. Quin, who is a badass, rescues Keir, who is so sweet, from being held captive, and then an adventure ensues to keep Keir safe from those who wish him harm, and Quin is in search of a friend of hers that was sent to some random place in time. There is magic, romance, and very excellent characters! What happens to Keir every since he was a young boy was heartbreaking, and his story is about finding acceptance for his differences, and realizing that he deserves love. Quin has lived for hundreds of years and she has the ability to travel through time, and to different types of civilizations, civilizations that include many varieties of non-human characters. Keir and Quin form a friendship, and as the book goes on their relationship evolves into more, and they have to band together to make it through some harrowing events. The chemistry between Quin and Keir was so sweet, caring, and they were absolutely adorable with each other. I'm a bit worried that there's another book in the series because I do not want these characters to be further tortured, but of course I'll read it! I'm very excited about it, and I can't wait! I hope all works out for Keir and Quin, and they won't lose faith in each other, and continue to band together, and be truthful with each other. Pippa Jay has written a truly amazing story!

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