Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review for Miss Match by Laurelin McGee - 4 bee's knees

I wasn't to sure about the whole matchmaking scenario because I knew what would happen before I even started reading, but the angst wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be, and I actually enjoyed the chemistry between Blake and Drea. I wasn't totally in love with the characters, but I still really liked them together, and once they got over their preconceived notions about each other, they were adorable together. Blake was very socially stunted and a bit stiff, but Drea was exactly who he needed to loosen him up and show him there's more to life then what is expected, and more then meaningless "relationships" with women. Drea was a bit neurotic, and she doesn't really have a direction in life, but she keeps her humor throughout some serious changes, and despite her fiery reactions, she's sensitive. I do wish Blake and Drea would've gotten a clue earlier than they did, and I wanted more from the ending; it felt a bit abrupt, but these two have lots of heart, and are really sweet together. I really enjoyed the sister bond between Drea and Lacy, they were lots of fun together, and I would read a book featuring Lacy, and hopefully get more glimpses of Blake and Drea. I did like the writing and for the most part the story, so I will be looking forward to reading more from Laurelin McGee, and I'll keep an eye out for a book about Lacy!

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