Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review for Opening Up by Lauren Dane - 5 bee's knees

I was thinking of giving this 4 stars, but as I thought about, the things that I didn't enjoy weren't enough to knock it down a star. The things I didn't really like was some of the games by the male lead, and the language is quite crude, and it's fine to be openly sexual, but it was a bit much. I absolutely loved that PJ didn't let Asa walk all over her, and when he told her they couldn't be together, it was refreshing that she didn't fall all over herself to make him want her; she was her own person. It's nice to have a female lead not give in because "oh my god, he is just so hot, that I don't care what he does! I just want to have sex because that's all that is important!", I hate when females in books don't give a crap what the male in the book does because he's just sex on a stick, so I absolutely loved PJ for being strong willed. I did like Asa for the most part, I do love alphas with heart, and he was pretty much that, the visual of him was a little weird to think about, but once the story got moving, he really evolved, and I started liking him more, and I adored his protectiveness towards PJ. The sex scenes were of a BDSM nature, very kinky, and they were frequent and quite graphic, they may not be for the readers who like a more tame sexual approach, and I do think it would of been nice to have a more sensual sex scene, rather than all the kinky insane sex scenes there were; just one would of been good. I loved the hot cars with hot detailing aspect, and I enjoyed reading about PJ proving herself in a mainly male dominated area. She's a really great character with depth, and I think her owning her actions, proved that she is a strong woman with intelligence. I do look forward to reading more books in this series, so I'll be on the look out for those!

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