Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review for Risk It by Jennifer Chance - 2 bee's knees

Okay...I'm having a tough time with this one. I hate giving it 2 stars, but that's just how it has to be. This book just wasn't for me, and that's the main reason for the low rating. The writing is good, so that wasn't it, and I liked the previous book in this series, Want It, so I do think the author's writing has an appeal. Just the whole premise wasn't something I enjoy, and once I got to that first club scene, where Dani works, and Rand came in for the first time in the story, acting the way he acted, that made me instantly dislike anything else in the story; it was tainted after that. The way Rand acted was enough to make me not like him, and Dani's reaction to those actions was very unpleasing to me. I was having an issue liking the characters from the beginning anyway, and this just made reading further a tough act; it was almost a DNF, but I hate not finishing a book, so I persevered and continued on; I did have to skim some of the story though. It's difficult to care anymore, when I don't like the characters too much, and the rest of the book is mainly sex scenes, which are mainly of the BDSM variety, and I actually don't mind that, but reading about characters, whom I don't care about, being intimate just doesn't do it for me. Dani being a con artist was a turn off for me as well. So it's tough for me to accurately rate this when I just don't like the story idea. I actually really enjoy alpha males, but not when they do what Rand did in that club. I think those actions just turned me off to the whole rest of the story, and that's a shame. The ending was nice enough, I would have liked a bit more ending, but I think it was good. This book is all about Dani and Rand's relationship, and not much else happens, this is definitely a sex driven book, and I don't mind books that are all about the relationship of the couple because it shows the way in which their connection grows, so I enjoyed that aspect, and I knew what was going to happen, but I didn't see very much growth in Dani and Rand. All in all, this just wasn't for me, I stopped reading motorcycle books because if the crud that the guys do in those books, and Risk It, wasn't that bad in that department, but I prefer books with guys who are alpha, but sweet. Okay, Okay, I ranted too much, but that just shows how much it influenced my view.

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