Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review for Dark Rising by Monica McGurk - 4 bee's knees

I was all set to give this 3 stars, but that ending was powerful! First off, I still was annoyed with Hope for the majority of the book, just like I was in the first book, and that's mainly why the first book got 3 stars from me, and this book almost did too, but what happened with Michael was written really well, and it bumped the rating up for me. I absolutely loved the setting also, having a glimpse of Turkey, Ireland, and France was interesting, and I liked how the descriptions were written. What's keeping this book from being 5 stars for me is that Hope didn't grow in this book as I was hoping after reading the first, and I still found her too immature and unappreciative of the help people are trying to do for her. I don't care for Hope's mom either, she's so back and forth, and for an adult, she can't catch a clue. I generally like angel stories, so I do like that aspect, but I did feel like all the characters act far younger than his/her age, and because of that there is far too much angst. I also like books that are about having to search for something to stop some type of apocalypse; it adds a sense of adventure that I enjoy, and this book had that in spades. A lot happens in this book, and I found it interesting and exciting to read, and with how this book ended, and the teaser for the next book, I am really looking forward to the next book!

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