Friday, July 24, 2015

Review for Sweet the Sin by Claire Kent - 4 bee's knees

At the beginning of the book, I was really thinking I wouldn't like it because I just don't like reading about female or male characters who do one night stands all the time; it's just not for me, so I was skeptical about this story, but as the book progressed I really started to like it! Both characters are hard to like, since they are both doing things that are rather devious, well really Kelly was doing devious things, and Caleb was just cold, but they did grow on me as the story went on, and I liked the chemistry between them, and they work well together. There is tons of sex in this book, and the scenes were well written, but for a short book like this, I did find them excessive. I like the mystery in the book, and although I don't like a lot of Kelly's actions because you just know it's going to not end well, I think her actions had some intrigue to the story, so as I read the book I was definitely entertained. Kelly and Caleb are both a bit twisted and damaged, so that adds another element of interest because as the reader, I hoped they would heal, and since this book ending in a cliffhanger, ahhhh, then I will have to wait to see if they do. I will read the next book because this book has left me wanting more!

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