Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review for Hard to Fight by Bella Jewel - 5 bees knees!

Okay...so I disliked the beginning because I didn't enjoy the first meet between Grace and Raide, and Raide for most of the first half of the book just reminded me of a thug, so I wasn't into his attitude, but as the story develops I really started loving it! I love Grace! She is smart, strong, and she has an excellent sense of humor. She really brings an extra layer to the story, and she's the main reason I really enjoyed this book. I took a bit of time to warm up to Raide, but by the end I liked him, and Grace and him had steamy chemistry, and her lightness really complemented his stiff personality. Raide is a very manly guy, who is in a difficult situation, and I read about his struggles, his character really began to evolve. The love scenes between him and Grace were really steamy, and their a really great match. I like the bounty hunter angle, and I like how it developed in the story, and Grace was awesome! I do wish she were a bit less mopey at points, but I can see why she would be mopey, so I'll forgive her that. I did want more in the ending, but all in all I really loved this book!

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