Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review for Once and Again by Elisabeth Barrett - 3 bee's knees

I liked the idea of this story, but a lot of content was misplaced. Things like all the business talk about the club, and the chapters from Jane's POV; I think they were really unnecessary, so the book was just okay for me. The last 30 percent of the book was really good, and finally showed the chemistry between Carolyn and Jake, so I enjoyed those parts. There was just too much time spent on other stuff, when really there needed to be more development between Caro and Jake. I liked Caro and Jake, and I like them as a couple, and I love the whole scenario about re-finding past love. Both Jake and Caro are trying to, in a way, find themselves and where they belong, and I liked that aspect, and they are actually quite cute with each other, and the sex scenes were good and steamy; they did feel a bit shocking with how the tone in the rest of the books is, I was expecting something a bit tamer than what was in the book, but I liked the scenes. I'm not sure if the author is going to have the side characters in this book have their own books, but it looks that way, and I don't know if I care to read about Jane's story, but I do think I'd like Grace's story; I'll have to see what the synopsis of Jane's book is before I decide. I did like this book; I just wanted more Caro and Jake; more romance. All in all, I enjoyed the book; I loved the scenes between Caro and Jake, but it was just okay because there needed to be more of a focus on the main characters; together that is.

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