Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review for Perfect Betrayal by Season Vining - 3 bees knees

I really like Season Vining's books, but this one just wasn't quite to my liking. All the characters were horrible, and I found it hard to like any of them, and although I did start warming to them a bit, it wasn't in time for me to really like this book. Taylor is a stuck-up, spoiled rich girl with absent parents, who uses her body to get noticed, so she doesn't feel so alone, and I just couldn't stand her. She basically throws herself at Levi, and when he doesn't quite go for it, she gets him so pissed off they end up having angry sex because guys can't resist when a girl is being a bitch as long as she's got a hot sexy body, and from there sweet, sweet love begins to bloom. How? I don't know, but it does. It felt really sudden to me, and it didn't feel as soul deep as the author would have us believe. Levi is working at Taylor's house to steal millions from some hidden safe because he is poor, and he feels he deserves more, and committing theft is the way to go about it, and the people he is stealing from are a-holes, so it's totally fine. So, Levi and Taylor play this back and forth game with each other through the whole book, and both are lonely and misunderstood, so they connect. I get that they both wear a sort of armor, and Taylor is bitchy to fend off being hurt, and Levi is sort of flighty because he also doesn't want to be hurt, but it just wasn't enough for me to really care what happens to them. Okay, enough about the characters because I actually did like the story concept, and that's where the 3 stars comes from, and the ending was nice; if unbelievable. Also, it was interesting, it kept me reading, so that's a plus. That's one thing I can say about the book, it wasn't boring. I feel I'm being a bit harsh on the characters, but I'm just not in the mood for their attitudes. I still like Vining's writing, and if you don't mind a-hole characters I think this book is interesting, so give it a read, and as I said, I did start to warm to the characters towards the end of the book, so all wasn't lost.

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