Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review for Turn Up the Heat by Serena Bell - 5 bees knees!

I really liked this! Lily and Kincaid have tons of chemistry, and they were really sweet together, and they both have some kink to them; they both like a bit of rough sex, and it definitely led to some spicy scenes. I do love a good hot alpha male needing a bit of redemption story, so this was a good fit for me, and Kincaid definitely has that alpha factor with a touch of honey. I will say that when he was talking about receiving blow jobs, and he was talking about getting one in the place he was at, which I don't want to spoil, so I won't be more specific, it took me out of the story a bit because I wasn't really sure what he was saying there about who he got a blow job from; was it someone who was there with him; in the same situation as him? I don't know, if it was, then that's kind of a weird thing for the author to just throw out there. It made me question him a bit, and I'm not sure the author meant for it to be that, but anyway it was odd. I still really liked Kincaid, and he turned out to be really great, and he's actually a sweetheart. I like that the story was pretty much Lily and Kincaid for the whole thing, and there aren't too many outside people try to mess with them, and I liked the side characters. I liked Lily's passion for cooking, and the pleasure she gets from feeding Kincaid; I don't know I thought it was cute. I like that Lily wasn't afraid to go for what she wanted, and she may have had some reservations, but she pushed through them. I do wish Lily and Kincaid figured things out sooner, and I did want some more in the ending, but that's just because I really liked the characters and wanted more. All in all, I really enjoyed this, and I was interested through the whole thing!

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