Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Review for Girl From Above: Part 1 Betrayal by Pippa DeCosta - 3 bees knees


"My name is #1001, and I am not ready to die." I’d only just begun to live. When Captain Caleb Shepperd is released from prison, all he wants to do is keep his head down and earn a living smuggling illegal cargo through the nine systems. So when a synth stows away on his ship, and brings with her a crap-ton of problems, including guilt-ridden secrets he thought he’d escaped, he’d prefer to toss her out the airlock. The problem is, she’s priceless tech, and he’s fresh out of credit. #1001 is not meant to exist. Created for a single purpose, she has one simple order: to kill. But not everything is as it seems. Buried deep inside, she remembers... Remembers when she was human. And she remembers what Shepperd did to her. She’s not ready to die, but she is ready to kill.


Okay...so this wasn't something I really liked, and I should've probably gone with 2 stars, but I bumped it up because I do sort of want to know what happens; mainly to 1001, and since it's a short read, I didn't waste too much of my time. I'll probably wait till the last book comes out before I attempt to read any more of this series. So, I loved 1001, and I definitely want more from her perspective; she's really the only character I really feel any type of hope for. All the other characters in this book basically hate themselves, so they are terrible people, who do horrible things just to get a head. Caleb is a mess, who is not discernable about who he sleeps with or who he deals with. He is a thief and an immature excuse for a man, and I use the term man loosely when describing him. I actually kind of liked Fran, until she bends to Caleb's ways; then I could really care less about her. These characters lack any redeemable qualities, and the sex scenes were just blah; too slimy to enjoy. I like the concept for this book, and that's mainly what kept me reading; I love the whole robot/synth with feelings scenario. At this point, I hope Caleb gets his comeuppance; he complains that he has bad luck, but he deserves the things that happen to him. If you are a despicable person don't expect the universe to reward you. I'm thinking Caleb needs to do something self sacrificing to redeem himself in this series. Who knows maybe he'll start to grow on me; but I doubt it. I looked at some reviews for the next book, and that one seems worse than this one, so I'm in no hurry to read it, and like I said I'll probably just wait till all the books are out before deciding if I will continue with this series.

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