Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Review for On the Hunt by Ivy, Zanetti, Duvall, and Jayne - 5 bees knees!

I loved all of the short stories in this book! I love all the authors who contributed stories to this book, so that what initially drew me in, and I'm glad I did read it because each of the 4 stories are excellent! Makes me want to read more by each author! All 4 stories have great action scenes, and the romances were really great, and heartfelt. On the Hunt is the short story written by Alexandra Ivy, and I absolutely loved it! I think it may have been my favorite of the 4 stories. I haven't read any of Ivy's sentinel series before, but I definitely want to now! I loved the story with Mika and Bailey, I really enjoy 2nd chance at love stories, and Mika and Bailey were so sweet together. They had some steamy passion between them, and it was nice that their relationship was so evolved; they were childhood sweethearts, and they had such a deep love for each other. I really enjoyed all the elements of this story. Scorpius Rising is written by Rebecca Zanetti, I love her Sin brothers series, so I knew I would probably love this book, and I did! This was another 2nd chance at love story, so right there is a bonus for me, and I liked the disease outbreak angle; it added a sense of urgency to the story, and this story ended with a bit of left open story, so I want to read any books with these characters. Deacan and Nora have a very steamy romance; it's a bit of an BDSM style relationship, and I enjoyed the romance scenes between them. There are a lot of interesting aspects to this story, and there are some great side characters. Phantom Embrace by Dianne Duvall, was so sweet! The romance between Cat and Yuri was so lovely, and their story was heartbreaking; the obstacles they have to face were very difficult. The ending was a bit bittersweet, and I wish that a different scenario for how the ending could've been, but I still really enjoyed the whole story, and I loved the side characters, so I will definitely be looking into the other books in the series because the characters are great, and I really enjoyed the action scenes, and the world the Duvall has created. Stake Out by Hannah Jayne was a fun read, but it was my least favorite. I've read Jayne's Underworld Detective Agency series, and for the most part I've enjoyed the books, and to get more of a glimpse at Nina's life was interesting, and even though she's a bit cold, I still enjoyed her, and I liked Pike. The story felt a bit incomplete to me, so that's why it's my least favorite, but I still loved the main story, so I was interested till the end, and that's a good thing. All in all this is an excellent collection of wonderfully terrific short stories, and I am really looking forward to reading a lot more by these fabulous authors. So great!

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