Friday, September 18, 2015

Review for Phoenix by Vaun Murphrey - 4 bees knees


Now that the dust has settled and the dead are buried can Cassandra and Silver take over the reins and guide Weavers into a new era? Not everyone is comfortable with their assumption of power and an old enemy lingers, begging the question - are they ready to face the Soul Eater? Find our in PHOENIX, Book Four of the Weaver Series.


I love Cass and Silver as characters! They both are such strong individuals, and they have really cool badass powers, and I love that their powers are used often, and they aren't perfect, so that makes them feel like a more "real" type of person. This book brings back the issues the girls have from the first book, and the girls do find some closure, but a lot more questions are brought out, and this one does end in a bit of a cliffhanger. I didn't necessarily like what happens with Silver and Kara, and I usually love Silver, and I still did love her, but some of her choices in this book weren't exactly to my liking. I still really enjoy Mez, but James is still not at the top of my list; he still is too bland for my tastes, I just want him to not feel so useless, and he needs to have more of a voice. I enjoyed all the action in this book, and I felt like there really wasn't a down moment; that's good and bad because I did want more couple time between both sisters and each of their mates. The reason I love this series is because the uniqueness of the story is interesting, and I love how the story is evolving; plus the all the characters are well written. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series, and I would love if it had more of an even distribution of each of the sister's voices. This series is really great, and super unique, and I love the hints of humor and heart touching moments throughout the whole series.

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