Thursday, September 17, 2015

Review for Vector by Vaun Murphrey - 4 bees knees


Homecomings usually involve burgers, fries and apple pies but that's not on the menu for Cassandra and Silver. They're launched into assassination attempts, bar brawls, and relationship drama just in the first 24 hours. Can they protect everyone they love from all comers before it explodes in their face? Find out in VECTOR, Book Three of the Weaver Series.


This series is still going strong for me, and I enjoyed this entry into the series; not quite as much as the 2nd book, but I was still interested till the end. Silver and Cass are great leads, and I really enjoy their banter with each other, and how they are both unique individuals, and I'm glad they are finally at an age that feels compatible with the adult nature of the situations they find themselves in. It's good to see Cass and Silver back with their friends and family, but I did miss the setting of the alien planet, and I wanted more Mez! I was very disappointed with James in this book, and I think he was written to be pretty bland; I think Cass deserves better, and I definitely think James made poor decisions. I know the time lapse was a long time; which by the way annoys me, but he was still in contact with Cass in the web, so he doesn't really have a good excuse for his actions. I love how complete this story is, and I love all the side characters, and how much each character has an individual personality; each character has depths to them, and as a reader I felt more for each character because I was more invested in each of their stories. I absolutely love the uniqueness of this story! On to the next book!

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