Thursday, October 22, 2015

Review for A Taste of Sake by Heather Heyford - 3 bees knees


Though they each have their own ambitions and are known to be competitive—even with each other—the St. Pierre sisters are fiercely loyal. Chardonnay and Merlot are thrilled about Sauvignon’s wedding day, and it’s slated to be the soirée of the decade among Napa’s most elite residents. Given the family’s notoriety, it almost stands to reason that their eccentric father, Xavier, would arrive by helicopter. But no one could have anticipated the wedding surprise he’d brought along with him…

The product of one of Xavier’s many affairs, Sake is introduced as the half-Japanese sister the St. Pierre girls never knew they had. She struggles to break into clique-ish Napa society—and getting in with her sisters is proving more difficult than nabbing a ’74 Cabernet. It seems only high-end realtor Bill Diamond can tell there’s more to Sake than meets the eye. Afraid of repeating her mother’s mistakes, Sake just hopes that getting drunk on love won’t leave her with a hangover of rejection…


I've only read Merlot's story from this series, which is the 2nd book in the series, and I really liked it, but this one wasn't quite up to my liking. I think the main reason is that I didn't really care for Sake, and I felt like the story was a bit disjointed; the ending need more to it, it felt very abrupt. I liked that Sake is a bit kooky and sassy, but she seemed like her intelligence was a bit lacking, and I can't stand characters who are a bit dopey, and also the way she speaks was annoying. Bill was okay, but he was also sort of flighty, so I was just so-so on the characters. I did like the development of Bill and Sake's relationship; I think they were really cute together, and I think they complement each other's personalities nicely. I like the addition of Sake's dog, and I liked getting glimpses of the other sisters from the previous books. I will read the other books in the series because I think I would like those stories. It was a cute romance, and I enjoyed it, but I just wish it was more developed. It's an easy read and pretty short, so I'd say give it a go, and I did like Merlot's book, so I would read her book as well. I don't think you need to read the other books to enjoy this book, but I think it would help.

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