Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review for A Wedding in Truhart by Cynthia Tennent - 4 bees knees


Welcome to Truhart, Michigan, population 1300 and dropping. Where everyone knows everyone else and garage sales are front page news. Not exactly where you’d expect to find the celebrity wedding of the year. As Maid of Honor, and the famous bride’s big sister, Annie has to plan a wedding suitable for America’s newest sweetheart reporter on The Morning Show. But what she didn’t plan on was seeing Nick Conrad again. Her older brother’s best friend who left Truhart for the big city, Nick just happens to be Annie’s embarrassing childhood crush. He’s also the Best Man. As Atlanta’s High Society descends on the tiny Midwest town, Annie has the impossible task of controlling her eccentric family and nutty neighbors, while hosting a wedding fit for a princess at her family’s rundown Amble Inn. But what she can’t control is the spark reigniting between her and Nick. Between snowstorms, an A.W.O.L. gown, and the broadcast of the wedding on The Morning Show, Annie is just hoping to survive the big day without losing her mind. And to survive being around Nick again without losing her heart.


I love small town romances, so this was something I really enjoyed, but I do wish the setting was more in Truhart; in the book the characters actually don't get to Truhart until about half way into the story, and it's not that I didn't like the beginning, but I just preferred the scenes in Truhart. I loved Annie; even if she was a little insecure, I still thought she was intelligent and I liked her pops of sassiness. I also liked Nick; even if he was a bit quiet, I like how he was with Annie; how he supported her. Annie and Nick are really cute together, and I liked that they've been friends since they were children. I did want there to be more scenes between the 2 of them, but this whole book is in Annie's point of view and Nick lives in a different state, so this book is more about Annie, and how she has to deal with issues with her family, and I liked Annie point of view, but I would've liked a bit more development with her and Nick. I also enjoy books that have weddings taking place because there's always some type of hijinks that go along with planning a wedding, and I find that type of thing entertaining. Annie definitely has a lot on her shoulders in this book, and she bottles up a lot of her feelings, so she has these moments where she sort of goes off the rails a bit, but I understand where she's coming from, and I was glad when she finally stands up for herself. I do plan to read more of the books in this series, and more from the author. In the end, this book was sweet, heartfelt, and kept interested the whole way through.


  1. Great review! BTW I nominated you for an award. :D