Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review for Butterfly Dreams by A. Meredith Walters - 5 bees knees!


She’s waiting to die. . . . Corin Thompson is paralyzed by her obsession with mortality. Having lost both of her parents, she is terrified by the idea that she too will die young, and she loses control at any sign of illness. But when Corin connects with someone who has survived a very real brush with death, she begins to see the world in a whole new way.

He’s learning to live. . . . As Corin struggles under the weight of her neuroses, Beckett Kingsley is attempting to rebuild a life that feels all too temporary. With the ever-present threat of heart failure never far from his mind, he just wants to make the most of whatever time he has left. And that means pursuing the girl he never expected to find.

Together, Corin and Beckett finally learn to let go of their fears and take solace in everyday pleasures. Who knows what the future holds? After all, nothing lasts forever—the only promise they have is right now.


I ended up loving this! When I first started it, I was having a problem with how neurotic Corin was, but as the book went on, and more of Corin's story was told, I began to understand her more. Corin is unique, quirky, and she's also dealing with a lot. Corin parents died when she was a teenager; she's 25 now, first her mom, and then shortly after her dad; both from illnesses, and Corin is having a really hard time dealing with the grief. Corin is a hypochondriac, and even though the doctors she goes to keep telling her that she is perfectly healthy, she doesn't believe them, and she won't listen when they tell her she should get some grief counseling; that it's all in her head. Corin has major panic/anxiety attacks because she thinks she is dying, and it's affecting her life. Corin goes to support groups for people who have had near death experiences, and when she goes to a group for heart disease survivors she meets Beckett. Beckett is in his late 20's, and he's just had a heart attack because he has some problems with his heart, so Beckett is dealing with having to limit himself, so his heart doesn't stop working. Beck was really athletic, and he didn't necessarily look beyond the surface of people before he started having problems with his heart, and after his heart attack he begins to see life in a new way. Corin and Beck have an instant connection, but Corin is a bit standoffish at first because she believes she is ill, and also that Beck could possibly die from his heart condition. Beckett helps Corin begin to deal with her grief, and together they begin to grow as individuals. Beck is a sweetheart, and I love the way Beck and Corin connect, and their banter together is fun. This story is truly heartbreaking, but also truly heartfelt; it is very emotional. I do wish the ending had more to it because I wanted to know more. I enjoyed that this book was in dual point of views; it really helps make the story more complete. This book was great, and I will definitely look for more books by A. Meredith Walters!


  1. This looks good! I'm read a book by here(find you in the dark I think was the title) and it was good. I have been meaning to read more by this author.

    1. I've had Find You in the Dark on my Kindle for awhile now, but haven't gotten around to reading it, and I didn't even put it together that this book was written by the same author as Find You until I went looking for more books by this author, and saw that book, and thought, Hey! That looks familiar!, lol.