Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Review for Fighting Dirty by Sidney Halston - 5 bees knees!


With his preppy clothes and horn-rimmed glasses, Enzo Silva is the last dude anyone expects to find in a mixed martial arts gym. A wealthy Brazilian banker who never had to fight for anything, Enzo’s stuck in the amateur circuit—but he burns to make the pros. Maybe that explains the heat he feels whenever he’s around Jamie Lynn Calhoun. The pint-size, magenta-haired bartender with the Texas drawl is everything he’s not . . . and everything he craves.

Tough as nails and independent to a fault, Jamie Lynn—JL to her friends—works hard to pay her bills and keep life simple. Enzo is doing his best to complicate that. Even though she likes to bust his balls, he’s got some kind of a nerdy-hot vibe that makes JL wonder if she might finally be able to let her guard down. It might do the boy some good to spend some time in her world, where blood, sweat, and victory are as sweet as the first taste of real love.


I love this series! I've given a 5 rating to all the books in this series, but 1, and that book still got a 4 rating. Enzo and JL are adorable! I loved JL! She's a tough cookie! She did get a bit whiny at times, and I don't know why she took so long in the end to figure out her stuff, but I still loved her. I liked her strength with a pinch of vulnerability. The chemistry between JL and Enzo was fabulous, I loved their banter with each other. I enjoyed reading about their never ending date, and the growth of their relationship. This book is all about their relationship growing, so there's not much else going on, but I happen to love romance, so I am all down for that. There were a couple scenes with MMA fighting, and I like MMA books, so I enjoyed that aspect. There is something in this book that I actually really dislike; I don't want to say because it's a spoiler, but I loved the rest of the book so much, I went with the 5 rating anyway. I don't know if I want to read the next book, I'm thinking it's about JL's brother, Travis, and the story already has 2 strikes against it; Travis is a man slut, and I'm assuming his love interest will be Penny, and Penny's storyline already has the thing I didn't like about this book, so I am going to have to really think about it because I think I won't really enjoy it, and the only reason I am considering reading it, is because I love this series. We'll see!

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