Saturday, January 2, 2016

Review for Can't Hold Back by Serena Bell - 4 bees knees


No girl can resist a man in uniform—especially if that man is Nate Riordan. But after an injury in the line of duty leaves Nate broken, body and soul, the soldier finds himself addicted to his pain meds, with no place to call home. Desperate for an escape, Nate reluctantly accepts a friend’s invitation to a new veterans’ retreat. Expecting a little R&R, Nate is shocked when the sight of his physical therapist opens up another old wound: heartbreak.

Years ago, Alia Drake fell hard for Nate, but never made her move. Instead, she set up her sister with the sexy, confident military man, a foolish decision that continues to haunt all three of them. Now, with Nate as her patient, she can make things right—even if it means getting too close for comfort. A healing touch and a little honesty work wonders, fueling a physical intimacy that crosses professional boundaries. This time, with desire in the air once more, Alia won’t hold anything back.


I really enjoyed this, and I liked that it was sort of a second chance at love story. Nate is a soldier that has been injured and is in need of rehabilitation, and he is working on his dependence of pain medication. Alia is a physical therapist, and she is working at a soldier rehabilitation place. Alia and Nate knew each other awhile back, and even though Alia was/is really attracted to Nate, she "gives him up" to her sister; which is just stupid, and of course the relationship between Nate and Alia's sister doesn't end up in a good place because Alia and her sister do something that was rather mean to Nate and really themselves. Alia's sister sort of has a learning disability, so Alia feels like she needs to give up her own happiness for her sister; mind you they are adults, so it's just odd, and I thought Alia's actions towards her sister were somewhat degrading. It was like Alia thought her sister couldn't handle her own life and that her sister was just helpless, and because of Alia's coddling, her sister is sort of childish, so that is something I didn't enjoy, and that's one of the reason I knocked this book down a rating. I enjoy reconnection stories, and I like the soldier aspect of this story, and I like to read about soldiers in general, so I like that this book is set at a soldier rehabilitation clinic. I thought Nate and Alia have good chemistry, but I wanted them to be a little bit more needy for each other; mainly Nate, I wanted it to feel more soul deep. There are some steamy scenes between them though! Alia is helping Nate with his physical therapy, so there is lots of contact, which leads to some sexy thoughts, and Alia wants to be professional, but Nate isn't making it easy. Nate and Alia have a few obstacles in their way to being together, the whole Alia needs to be professional thing, the problem from the past between them, both of them have issues, and a friend of Nate's died in the military, so Nate thinks he needs to fill in for him with the soldier's family and business. This book was heartfelt and the romance was sweet, so I would recommend this book to those reader who enjoy romance. I look forward to reading more books in this series!

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