Thursday, January 21, 2016

Review for Falling Hard by Tina Wainscott - 5 bees knees!


There’s no one Pax Sullivan wants to run into less than Gemma Thornton. Back in high school, she revved his heart more than street racing. But she picked his clean-cut brother over him—only to accuse Blake of an unforgivable crime. Eventually the charges were dropped and Gemma left town, but the hard feelings lingered . . . along with Pax’s gnawing “what-ifs.” Seven years later, just as he quits the police force to open a racetrack, Gemma’s back—and their chemistry is more combustible than ever.

If it were up to her, Gemma would never lay eyes on another Sullivan. She hates them, and they hate her—even Pax, who just so happens to be fixing up her father’s B&B. But the more time she spends with the lean, hard-bodied ex-cop at the inn and on the track, the more Gemma sees that Pax is nothing like his brother. Despite their anguished history, she’s tempted to take their relationship into high gear . . . if she can face the past and risk her heart.


I love second chance at love stories, and I also really like when the male character is a good guy, so Falling Hard was really great for me. Gemma's dad has been in an accident and is in the hospital, so she comes back to the town she went to high school in, but Gemma's high school experience wasn't a good one. Gemma accused local golden boy, Blake, of date rape, and in the end, Blake was found innocent because of a lack of evidence. The majority of the town; including Gemma's so-called friends, turned against her and began to torment her and call her unsavory names, and so Gemma leaves town. Now back in town to help out with her father's B&B, she is really hoping she doesn't run into anyone who recognizes her, but of course her first night back, she runs into Paxton, Blake's younger brother, and the guy Gemma had an instant connection with, but Gemma didn't pursue Pax because she thought he was a bad boy, and Gemma was trying to show her father that she was being responsible. Pax also felt the connection between Gemma and himself, but since Gemma ended up dating his brother, Pax didn't pursue her. When Gemma accused Blake of rape, Pax believes his brother when he says that he didn't rape Gemma, so Pax doesn't have a great picture of Gemma, so when they run into each other, both are unsure how to deal with each other and the feelings for each other that never really went away. Gemma and Pax have great chemistry, and I applaud Gemma for sticking up for herself; even if it was really difficult for her. The majority of the townspeople are a-holes, and since Blake is still in town, Gemma has to put up with a lot to be in town to help her father, and since Pax has become friends with Gemma's dad, Pax has promised Gemma's dad that he would look out for her. Pax and Gemma grow closer the more time they spend together, and Pax begins to question if his brother is really the type of guy Pax should stand-up for. Gemma is closed off emotionally and physically, and being back in town she begins to question if her actions led Blake to believe she wanted to be physical; if she is to blame for Blake's actions. Gemma and Pax both have to deal with a lot to do that right thing, and they showed a lot of strength by not doing the easy thing. I liked the slow build up to Pax and Gemma reconnecting, and I liked getting a glimpse of Mia and Raleigh from the first book in this series. I will definitely continue on with this series! The writing was well done!

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