Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review for Forgotten Promises by Jessica Lemmon - 3 bees knees


Morgan Young had a perfect upbringing, and now she’s got a perfect boyfriend and a perfect future—until her twenty-first birthday changes everything. First Morgan finds out, in the most painful way possible, that her relationship is a sham. But that’s nothing compared to the nightmare about to unfold.

It’s too late for Tucker Noscalo. A brutal childhood left him with a bad reputation and a criminal record. Fresh out of jail, Tucker has a score to settle with Baybrook’s crooked chief of police—his own father. Nobody will believe Tucker’s explosive accusations without proof and a good lawyer, neither of which he has on his side. Until he sees someone he used to know, someone who just so happens to be the daughter of the best lawyer in the county.

He needs Morgan to convince her father of the ugly truth. But first he has to convince her, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get her to listen. Confronted by the story of Tucker’s dark past, Morgan feels utterly compelled to help him. And as their connection grows into a fierce bond fueled by raw passion, Morgan finds herself falling for the wrong guy—but never has the promise of love felt so right.


I didn't really connect with the characters, so that's why my rating isn't higher, but I did still like it. Forgotten Promises deals with some really intense, difficult topics, and there are a lot of gray areas in this book. Morgan is a spoiled rich girl, who has just been dumped by her cheating boyfriend, when she runs into Tucker. Tucker is a guy that went to Morgan's high school, and Morgan always had sort of a crush on him, but Tucker got into a lot of trouble and ended up in prison. Tucker has had a very hard life growing up, and he recently just got out of prison for something that isn't really cut and dry. Tucker's father is a very bad guy, and Tucker has evidence of this fact, but he needs a good lawyer to help him, and that's were Morgan comes in. Morgan's dad is a very good lawyer, so Tucker decides he needs Morgan to help him out, and he will do what he needs to do to make her believe him. Tucker and Morgan end up in a secluded cabin in the woods, and as Tucker begins to come clean with Morgan they begin to grow closer.

Alright, so I didn't like that Tucker took so long to actually tell Morgan what was going on, and the way he went about gaining her trust was crazy, and I don't get what he was thinking. I guess he really wasn't. Morgan reactions were odd for a lot of things in this book, and I didn't like that she acts on the younger side of her age. When Morgan and Tucker grow closer, I felt that Morgan was sort of taking advantage; especially with what Tucker had to deal with, and I also felt Tucker did a 180 very quickly on how he felt about intimacy. I did like Tucker and Morgan's chemistry, and I thought they had some really sweet moments, and I felt for Tucker. The book did keep me interested till the end, and I thought it was a heartfelt story. I would liked a bit more from the ending; it felt like a lot more needed to be added, but I liked what was there. I've read other Jessica Lemmon books, and so far I've liked all of them, so I will definitely continue to check out more books from her. Good Read!