Monday, February 8, 2016

Review for Bound to Darkness by Lara Adrian - 5 out of 5!!


Carys Chase is accustomed to making her own rules and letting her heart lead the way--no matter what anyone else has to say about it. A rare Breed female and a daywalker as well, headstrong, beautiful Carys is one of the most powerful of her kind. She lives passionately and loves without limits, especially when it comes to the lethal cage-fighting Breed warrior called Rune.

Unbeatable in the ring, Rune exists in a brutal world of blood and bone and death. He's made his share of enemies both in and out of the arena, and his secrets run as deep and turbulent as his past. A dangerous loner who has survived by his fists and fangs, Rune has never allowed anyone to get too close to him...until Carys. But when the bodies buried in his past rise up to threaten his present, Rune must choose between betraying Carys's trust or putting her in the crosshairs of a battle neither of them can hope to win on their own.


I absolutely love this series! I have read all the main books in this series, and I love the world Lara Adrian has built! I love that this series connects all the characters from each of the books, and it is so interesting that the books span such a long time. In these later books in the series; this one being the 13th book in the series, it is so cool to read stories about the children of the past characters from previous books that I have loved to read about. Each book is about a different couple with their own unique storyline, but there is also a back storyline that runs through multiple books, and I love that the books encompass so many different aspects of the characters. You may be a little confused if you haven't read previous books in this series because there are a lot of previous characters from the other books, but the main characters of this book have their own struggles and relationship building to do, so I think a reader can appreciate this book on its own too.

This book is about Carys and Rune. Carys is a rare female Breed; a Breed is like a vampire, and Carys is in a relationship of sorts with Rune; if I remember correctly, their relationship started in the previous book. Rune is also a Breed, and he is also a cage fighter at a club that I find to be pretty seedy; there's the illegal cage fighting and there's also some type of prostitution thing going on, which I was glad wasn't really delved into. I happen to love cage fighting books, so I loved that aspect. Carys and Rune have a deep connection, but Rune is holding back because he has a secret he doesn't want to tell Carys because he thinks she will be put in danger if she knows. Carys knows she loves Rune, and she is ready to take the relationship to the next level, but with Rune putting up walls between them, she is having a hard time, and Carys is also getting pressure from her family; mainly her father and brother, to not be with Rune because they don't think Rune is good enough for her, and they think he is shady.

Also in this book, there is another storyline dealing with the Order; the Order is sort of like a military unit of Breeds, there are many Breeds involved in the Order; a lot of the characters from the previous books are Order members including Carys father Chase Sterling, so the Order is on the hunt for some bad guys, and Carys and Rune are also involved in some way; I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll remain intentionally vague about it, but the both storylines tie into each other.

I loved the chemistry between Carys and Rune, and I loved the deep level on which they connect. The intimate scenes were great and I love how much of a team Carys and Rune are. Carys was awesome! She is a badass! She is the strong type of female who can save herself if need be, but she doesn't make stupid decisions to show her independence; she uses her intellect to make decisions, and she really shows that she is confident in who she is. I love the action in this book, and I couldn't put it down until I completely finished the story!

I will definitely read any/every book in this series, and any/every book by Lara Adrian because I truly enjoy her writing. This is an amazing series!!!

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