Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The 10 books that have been on my To Be Read List on Goodreads the Longest

I read books all the time, but I still have so many that I haven't gotten to yet, so I was curious which books have been on my To Be Read List on Goodreads the longest, and I thought it would be fun to write a post featuring the 10 books that have slipped through the reading cracks. Even though I read 200-300 books a year, I was surprised that the book that has been on my TBR list the longest has been there since July 28, 2011; that's almost 5 years! There's many reasons why certain books just get passed by: new books to read instead, books I receive to review take precedence, easier availability, unknown author, a book sounds more exciting and exciting than the other, and there are just too many dang books I want to read! At this exact time, I have 2597 books on my TBR list, and I haven't even added all the books I have to read on my Kindle; there are just too many free books, so my Kindle is packed! Alright, so lets get down to it!

The book that has been on the list the longest is.......

#1. Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione!

Added by me on July 28, 2011! I joined Goodreads in July 2011! Woohoo!
Book Released: January 2011.
Average Goodreads Rating: 4.22.

Now, I actually really love Larissa Ione's writing, so I'm surprised I haven't read this yet! I really enjoy her Demonica series! Just the first book I would probably love that I haven't read yet!

Next up.......

#2. Entwined by Heather Dixon!
Added on July 28, 2011! Same day as the first!
Book Released: March 2011.
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.87.

First off, that cover is beautiful! I am a sucker for a beautiful cover! I haven't read any books by Heather Dixon, and it looks like she has only written 1 more book since the publication of Entwined, but that book also has a beautiful cover and sounds interesting, so I went ahead and added it to my TBR list! Now I'm up to 2598!

Next book.......

#3. Eternity by Heather Terrell!
Added on July 28, 2011!
Book Released: June 2011.
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.78.

This is another author I've never read, but it is a book about angels with romance, so I'm down for that! This is also the 2nd book in the series, so I'm curious when I added the 1st book in this series....turns out it was December 2012! Jeez, over a year after. Hmmm wonder what was up with that. Anyway, I actually think I own this book! I own a lot of books I haven't even read yet; I need to get on that! I'm pretty sure I bought it, or maybe it's the first book in the series when Borders was going out of business, and there was some really awesome deals! Sad about Borders though! I went to the midnight book release for Breaking Dawn at Borders! It was lots of fun!

Next book come on down!!!!!

#4. Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning!
Added on August 14, 2011.
Book Released: October 2006.
Average Goodreads Rating: 4.16.

Another author I have never read, Holy Mole! There's 10 books in this series! Dang, that's going to be a commitment if I ever finally do read this book. I just re-read the synopsis, and it has a main character who discovers more about herself than she knew, a murdered sister, Ireland and supernatural elements! No wonder I added it! Sounds Awesome!

Half way there!!!!

#5. Drink, Slay, Love by Sarah Beth Durst!
Added on September 7, 2011
Book Released: September 2011
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.83

Let's see, I've read 1 book by this author, and she got a 4 star rating for that book, so that's pretty good. I'm not sure this book still interests me though. It's about a teen girl vampire, who is stabbed with a unicorn horn, and now can walk in the sunlight, so she is tasked by the head vampire to go to high school to lure teens to a big vamp feast. Sounds sort of interesting; I enjoy humorous books, so it has that going for it, but it may be a little corny for my tastes. I'll just have to read it when I'm fell like a light, easy read.

Next up.......

#6. Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey!
Added on September 7, 2011
Book Released: September 2011
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.7

Hmmm....Another author I've never read, and I don't recall this book like I have the previous books. The cover is pretty cool, and it has supernatural elements, so that's a bonus. Hmmm...yeah it isn't peaking my interest, I'm going to go ahead and delete it! Back down to 2597 on TBR list!

The new #6! Which would have been #7, but oh well, now we get 11 books!

New #6. After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E. Wedel!
Added on September 7, 2011
Book Released: September 2011
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.68

I've read this author! Well, Carrie Jones anyway. I feel bad when there are 2 people who write a book, but the person who is listed second isn't really acknowledged. Anywho, I read Carrie's Need series, and I loved it! 4 and 5 stars for all 4 books! I do like the cover of this book. Time to refresh my memory by reading the synopsis (please hold).....OOooooo! Sounds interesting! I love when characters meet in dreams, and then find each other in real life! And it is a standalone! So I won't have to commit tons of time to a whole series! Score!

Here comes book 7!

#7. Shut Out by Kody Keplinger!
Added on September 7, 2011
Book Released: September 2011
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.76

I've read the book DUFF by this author, and I really enjoyed it; the movie was very different then the book by the way. The cover isn't reaching me. Synopsis time. Not something I would put at the top of my list to read; that's probably why I haven't read it yet. Football team and Soccer team at same school have rivalry. Girl is mad it is affect love life with boyfriend who plays football. Girlfriends of both teams go on a sexual strike. Girls against Boys. New love interest for Girl. Yeah, it isn't catching me. Another one of those books that I'll read if I want some fluff.

Marching on to the next book.....or rather books because they are part of the same series; books 4 and 3 in the series, and for whatever reason, again I have added the 4th book before the 3rd, but at least it was the same day this time!

#8 Kade by Cheyenne McCray! and #9 Clay by Cheyenne McCray!

Both Added on September 12, 2011
Book Released: Kade - October 2010 Clay - April 2011
Average Goodreads Rating: Kade - 4.14 Clay - 4.04

Okay, so I'm hoping I read books 1 and 2, and on closer inspection, I have! Gave both 4 stars, and there is also a book 5 in the series, and it is also the end of the series, so I am going to go ahead and add it to my TBR list! Back up to 2598! So, these books definitely look steamy! That is just based off the covers. Synopsis time! Hmm weird, Goodreads has the same synopsis for both books; it's the synopsis for the Clay book, I'll just have to read some reviews on Kade. Both books sound decent, and they seem to be a bit of a western type of thing with ranchers and such, and I like that type of thing. Love a good hot manly man. So, they both definitely get to stay on the TBR list! Especially since I rated the first 2 books with 4 stars! And I have read other Cheyenne McCray books, and really enjoyed all of them so far!

This is the end, the end my friend! You've made it!

#10!!!!!!!!!! Broken: A Paranormal Romance by David H. Burton!
Added on September 12, 2011
Book Released: June 2011
Average Goodreads Rating: 3.51

And yet another author I've never read! Alright, so the cover looks pretty cheesy, and the fact that it says it is a paranormal romance in the title makes it even cheesier. Now I am a lover of paranormal romance, so maybe first impressions aren't always good indicators, so I'm going to reserve my opinion as of yet. Synopsis time first! Hmmm....it actually sounds pretty interesting! I happen to really enjoy books with the Fae, and I'm down for strange visions, 2 love interests with secrets, and a quest to find answers! Sounds like my type of book! Good thing I don't always choose books with beautiful covers! Um....ok I do most of the time! But when you read so many books, you need ways to determine what you read! So that may be why this book got lost in the book shuffle!

So, out of those 10ish books, the one I want to read very soon is........wait for it......Eternal Rider!!! The book that has been there the longest! I chose it because I really do love Larissa Ione! I'm going to try to read it in the next, ummmm, let's say 6 months. I know, I know, that's forever from now, but I have tons of other books to read! But, I will definitely do my best to get it read! And maybe, a couple of the other ones! Wish me luck!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! You are Awesome!


  1. Eternal rider is so good! Darkfever as well, but only the first 5 books in the series for me lol! I hope you love all these when you get a chance to read them!

    1. Thanks AngelErin! I hope I can get them sometime, and hopefully the wait will be worth it!