Friday, June 24, 2016

Review for Above the Flames by Cassandra Fear - 4 out of 5


Jasmine’s sixteenth birthday was the worst ever…

All in one day, her dad died, she met a demon, and her mother rejected her existence forever. After all, the demon who killed her dad was there to take her, and all because of her stupid powers—the ability to conjure blue flames.

Two years later, she’s happy. But happy never lasts…

After moving to Idaho to live with her grandparents, Jasmine has a new life. Almost nobody knows about her powers, and she’s just a normal teenager with normal problems. Then comes her eighteenth birthday—and the earthquake that changes her world forever.

An army of demons rise from Hell. And Jasmine is right in the middle of the battle…

When demons claw their way to Earth, Jasmine is surrounded by hundreds of fire-eyed beasts. Worse, she is captured by a big-shot demon named Bael. He’s a tricky foe with a chip on his shoulder—and the desire to make Jasmine use her powers for evil.

Amon is a fallen angel with an attitude—and everything to lose.

Successfully escaping the underworld undetected, Amon is on a quest to regain God’s grace when he rescues Jasmine from the clutches of a particularly nasty demon he knows all too well. The attraction between him and the not-entirely-human captive is instantaneous. Heavenly sparks fly, but ideas of romance will have to wait. First they have to stop the demon race from wiping out the mortal realm. Humanity’s fate rests in their hands.

Can two troubled angels rise above the flames to ensure a future for mankind? Or will Jasmine and Amon’s souls be bound together—in hell?


I really enjoyed Above the Flames! I love stories about angels and demons, so I really liked that whole aspect of the book. The demons have won the war in Heaven, and have escaped from Hell, and are now killing humans to take over the world. I enjoyed all the action in Above the Flames, but I do feel like the same thing kept happening over and over. Good guys would be found by some demons, there would be some fighting, but both would end up getting free, so nothing really came of it, and this happens a few times, so I was ready for the story to progress a little faster than it did. There are mainly 3 POV's in this book, Jasmine (lead female), Amon (lead male), and Bael (Head Demon). I liked that we get a glimpse into the demons side of things, and I getting the female and male perspective is great too. I think I would have liked Above the Flames to be a little bit more serious, everything and everyone was sort of comical, but there are some serious things going on, and I felt I would've preferred a bit more heart and soul to the story. Humor is good, but a little less would have been better; especially from the demons.

Jasmine is a human, who has a special power, and when she was 16, her father was killed trying to protect her from a demon, who was suppose to bring Jasmine back to Hell. Jasmine escapes, and moves in with her grandparents because her mom is horrible to Jasmine. The story jumps ahead 2 years, and Jasmine has kept a tight lock on her powers because she is afraid of what they might do. I didn't really connect with Jasmine, she kind of got on my nerves. She did a lot of things without thinking them through, so she gets into problems all the time, and I found her a bit whiny and rude at times. I also don't like how she acts with the Amon and Beau situation, Beau is Jasmine's boyfriend, but Jasmine also has an attraction towards Amon. I actually don't mind love triangles, but I don't like that whole situation in this book, it was one of the low points for me, I thought it could've been handled differently by the author, and because of that situation, I felt any romance was seriously lacking. The chemistry needed some pumping up! I still was rooting for Jasmine though, and I'm hoping it's the type of situation where she will grow as the series progresses. Jasmine meets up with Amon when she and Beau rescue him and his other fallen angel friends from some demons. I didn't like how the fallen angels act, everyone in this books acts really immaturely, but I expect more out of the angels since they've been around for a lot longer, but they act like teenagers too; especially Lamia, I couldn't stand her. So, Jasmine and Amon and their groups decide to ban together to help save the world from demons.

The book does end without much resolution, which I'm not mad at because I was entertained through the whole story. I'm looking forward to the next book!

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